23 sweet and simple ways to beautify your balcony

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If you're lucky enough to have a balcony attached to your home, then firstly, we are jealous and secondly, are you doing everything you can to make it a really special space? Think of balconies as a whole extra room in your home and you'll soon start to realise that there are endless possibilities for personalising and prettying the area that shouldn't be ignored. Plants are a natural choice for adding to a balcony that seems a little dull, as, essentially, that's your garden, so let's take a look at what some amazing interior designers have been doing with balconies and get you fired up to transform your own!

1. Add potted plants.

A tried and tested method, potted plants will instantly add life to your balcony!

2. Include a dining area.

You only need a small table and chairs set to make it something really useable and special!

3. Add some wood.

Natural materials, such as wood, will really warm up your space and give it an organic feel.

4. Stain existing wood.

If you already have wood in place that feels a bit lacklustre, stain it a new shade!

5. Up the comfort level.

Cushions, cushions and MORE cushions will give you an outdoor seating area your friends covet!

6. Use modern furniture.

Swapping out existing balcony furniture for something more modern will up the style stakes instantly!

8. Keep it chilled.

A bit of decking and a hammock… what more do you actually need?

9. Think about your lighting.

Get your lighting perfect and your balcony will be a space you can use at any time of day!

10. Consider an awning.

There when you need them and hidden away when you don't, an awning is a great way to weatherproof your balcony!

11. Go bold with colour.

Add some vibrant colour for a fresh and fun balcony.

12. Create a gallery wall.

Use your external walls to create a gallery space! Just make sure you have good rain cover!

13. Mix up your materials.

Try mixing wood, shingle and terracotta for a rustic balcony vibe. They look amazing together!

14. Use shingle for neatness.

Speaking of shingle, it's perfect for making small, neat little plant beds!

15. Create versatile planting walls.

Get your DIY on and make some lovely planter walls. You can even grow some food in them!

16. Create a party atmosphere.

Hanging lights and some fun furniture will make your balcony feel like party central!

17. Embrace wood and white.

Wood and white always looks right, especially out on a balcony! A simple deck chair, some planters and and awning is all you need!

18. Add plants to your walls.

Plants on the walls make for a fantastic, organic balcony, not to mention the fact that they'll neatly cover up any less than perfect areas!

19. Go mad for fresh flowers.

Can you ever have enough bright blooms on your patio? We don't think so! Choose varieties that offer a lot of colour, such as hydrangeas.

20. Create a fun bar area.

If you have the space, a bar area would be a fun balcony addition! You could even go for a theme… tiki is our favourite!

21. Recreate a pergola look.

Instead of an awning, why not look to recreate a lovely pergola on your balcony? Simply scale it back a bit and you'll have zen perfection!

22. Play with the height.

When you have a great view, play with the height of your furniture, so you can drink it all in, all the time! A built-up platform works well and made from wood, looks so chic!

23. Try living walls.

The ultimate in easy but impactful balcony ideas, living walls are wonderful for adding soft greenery to urban spaces and up on a balcony? They'd create a jungle vibe that everyone wanted to copy!

For more outdoor inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Sweet summertime terraces.

Which of these ideas would make a big impact on your balcony?

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