45 cabinets you can copy for a more practical kitchen

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There's no need to default to a boring old design when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. What may seem like an obvious solution, could easily be configured into a more creative and less predictable design. This is particularly so in a small kitchen where there are lots of opportunities for creating multifunctional spaces as well.

But for some of us, the most exciting thing about designing kitchen cupboards is the aesthetic potential. After all, your kitchen cupboards take up an also lot of visual weight in the kitchen—so they should be pretty too!

So what are some of the most beautiful and practical kitchen cupboard designs. Well, today we present just 45 of them. We bet there's something here to appeal to everyone!

1. Use pastel shades for a peaceful look and play with contrasting shapes.

2. Install built-in ovens under the countertop to free up bench space.

3. Use neutral colours for the cupboard doors and jazz up the walls with contrasting colours.

4. Create a corner cabinet that serves two sides of the room.

5. Use the base cabinets for closed storage and the wall space for decorative open shelving

6. Choose doors with streamlined built in handles to create clean lines and prevent accidents

7. Built-in cabinets with lots of internal drawers to multiply the storage space.

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration Davonport Classic style kitchen Wood

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


8. Convey the passage of time with recycled old doors for a traditional look.

9. Use natural cupboard tones as a neutral base for a daring colour scheme.

10. Try for some subtle variation with the odd glass-fronted door

11. Use the kitchen island to store decorative objects and cooking books

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones Harvey Jones Kitchens Classic style kitchen
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

12. Team classic white kitchen cupboards with a bold interior colour

13. Use stainless steel for a modern industrial look

14. Build up and around your domestic appliances to make the most of every inch of space

15. Create drama with a bold monochromatic black and white theme

16. Embed lighting within the cabinets

17. Design cupboards with shelves and niches of varying sizes so there is storage space for everything

18. Try a multicoloured approach

19. Match the cabinets up with the floor for a seamless, expansive look

20. Built shallow shelves into the back of the cabinet doors

21. Create a vintage theme with retro cabinet doors and beautiful old chrome handles

22. Try adding eye-catching colourful cupboards high up on the walls to make the kitchen appear taller

23. Try for a completely smooth immaculate look with highly polished surfaces

24. Built in hanging areas and niches to storage your favourite items

25. Give the kitchen a futuristic look with lots of glass, stone or formica.

26. Install spot lights that target the cabinets.

27. Go for handleless kitchen cupboards to create a minimalist look

Devies Cook Company Txell Alarcon KitchenLighting
Txell Alarcon

Devies Cook Company

Txell Alarcon

28. Organise perfectly shaped storage shelves for bottles and spices

Bespoke oak larder homify Country style kitchen

Bespoke oak larder


29. Incorporate old free standing pieces into a modern space for a more characterful design

30. Use a combination of standard and customised cabinets to make the most of every little nook and cranny

Hillcrest De Rosee Sa KitchenStorage
De Rosee Sa


De Rosee Sa

31. Expand the sense of space by making the cabinets and walls one colour

32. Set up a cooking island that can be used as storage and extra bench space

33. Combined closed cupboard units with open shelving

34. Try adding cupboard doors with lots of scattered holes to create a kitchen brimming with personality

35. Repeat the same tone across disparate elements in the room for an elegant look

36. Work the cabinet colours into the colour theme of the living room

37. Incorporate a beautiful old fashioned plate rack into the cabinets for classic charm

38. Build wall ovens into the cabinets for a seamless modern look

39. Build an entire wall of cupboards and finish them with smooth neutral tones

40. Paint retro style furnishing vivid fun colours

41. Go neutral with the cupboards and explore the appeal of a wooden feature wall

42. Team wooden cupboard doors with a white painted concrete frame for a Mediterranean look

43. Give the kitchen a relaxed feel with curved cabinets

44. Create contrast with two toned cupboards and a dramatic black wall

45. Set the lights behind moulding for a totally smooth sophisticated effect

Which of these kitchen cupboard designs is your favourite?

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