15 entrance gates that will impress the whole block

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The inside of your home could be a palace, but nobody will know unless they are invited inside, so to make a real splash in terms of how incredible your home looks, you need to think about the outside! Any architect will tell you that the doors and gates you select for your home make a massive impact on how your façade is perceived and today, we're going to show you some amazingly high-end and luxury doors that will be the toast of the neighbourhood. Seriously, if you installed any of these, people living nearby will have to think about upping their game too, as all of these are incredible. So much so, in fact, that nobody will even notice your garden! Let's take a look and see which styles you love the most!

1. A shining example.

When you really want to push the home entrance boat out, laser-cut stainless steel doors are a fantastic way to go. The bamboo design here is so delicate!

2. Traditional and modern in one.

With the traditional design of this entrance, a set of modern steels doors looks amazing and offers such a bold contrast! What a great deterrent too!

3. Woven genius.

Wow! Who knew that you could weave large sheets of metal? This entrance looks incredible and so different, while offering maximum security too!

4. Small and secure.

You don't have go big to make a huge impression, as this sturdy steel door proves! Nestled in amongst rugged stone, it looks so authoritative and strong!

5. Making the most of the materials.

Black metal and wood are a dream combination, especially for front doors! You'd know that a seriously stylish interior lurked behind these!

6. Easy access.

Is there anything more luxurious than sliding doors at the front of your home? A formidable barrier for unwanted guests, we love that these ones are automated!

7. All eyes on these.

Stainless steel is so much more versatile than we thought! The artistic styling here makes for a fantastic home entrance that screams of good taste inside!

8. Up and over.

When it comes to choosing doors for your garage, a roller is hard to beat! Practical, steadfast and a little luxurious, they add such a finished look to your façade!

9. None shall pass.

Wooden gates always have a medieval quality about them and seeing as your home is your castle, why not? These big black varieties look so striking!

10. Polished up a treat.

Polished steel and natural wood make such a good couple and this door screams of contemporary finishing and luxurious living! Your neighbours would be beside themselves!

11. A white wonderland.

If you liked the weave effect we showed you earlier but weren't keen on the black, how about a white version? Pretty, private and functional, we think these are amazing.

12. Inlaid luxury.

Another wooden sliding door for you here, but with a difference, as it has inlaid metal strips that up the style stakes no end. After all, anyone can have plain wood, right?

13. Rich colours.

When natural wood can look this pretty, it makes for a special roller door! The cherry red tone adds such a level of unavoidable luxe that people will be staggered!

14. Custom and cool.

When you really want to stand out and be the Joneses that everyone tries to keep up with, a totally custom, one-off door is the only way to go! This metalwork is mesmerising!

15. Working those angles!

The slant of this hill isn't a problem for these beautiful steel gates that naturally hug the incline, protect the house and match the façade perfectly! Wow!

For more home exterior inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The home that lights up.

Which of these would look amazing outside your home?

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