9 steps to an elegant home (without spending too much)

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Having a home that looks elegant and luxurious doesn't always depend on how much we spend. Although this statement may seem contradictory, the fact is that furnishing a house with expensive items does not necessarily mean making the most stylish house. In fact, there are many other ways to liven up your home (choices of furniture, lighting and decoration) which can make it look luxurious and elegant while being prudent in economic terms. And in this Ideabook we will show precisely how to make a house look very special with minimal expenses. Enjoy!

1. Your home will seem more luxurious with shaped ceilings.

A house with a modern ceiling is a house that stands out. The decoration of ceilings is a problem that many ignore during the interior design phase, but it's actually extremely important. Plaster or drywall is a simple, viable and economic option. You'll need an interior architect to help you with this.

2. Give personality to your walls through stone niches and coatings

There are many ways to change the look of a house, to make it more luxurious. A trick to give personality to the walls is through the insertion of stone cladding and niches. Accentuated lighting can multiply the effects.

3. Use plenty of pillows with interesting designs and vibrant colours

Buying pillows of varying shapes and interesting colours is an inexpensive way to enhance your sofas, bringing a touch of character to the living room.

4. Large, dark tiling in the bathroom

It's not always possible, but the use of dark shades and large tiles is an easy way to make a sleek and stylish bathroom.

You can find more great examples of stylish bathrooms here!

5. Metallic decorations and musical instruments.

Shelves and alcoves are used here to display precious ornaments and musical instruments.This can be further enhanced by interior lights that highlight the brilliance of the structure and of the items on display.

6. Find a classy piece of furniture for the TV

A hanging or floating TV can help make a space like the living room appear more stylish. With the long L-shaped couch, everyone has a good an angle for watching a film or documentary in comfortable, sophisticated relaxation.

7. Mirrors to decorate and enlarge the space

Opening a small space through the clever use mirrors is a very common and effective method in terms of decoration. Mirrors can create an elegant environment, as long as you make sure they fit into the space when considering their style and shape, and of course, what they might be reflecting.

8. Don't overlook the corridors

A house that does not neglect its corridors can be elegant without huge investment. Apply attention to detail, like the walls here that contrast their textures and colours, instead of monotone white paint.

9. Use exotic plants to decorate rooms and plain areas

The house can also be made more elegant with plants. Used as decorative elements in original compositions, they can introduce patterns, colours and textures into the house in the most economic and natural way.

How could you make your home more elegant?

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