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A home interior is very much like a classic novel: the success of both relies on a solid opener. For a book, it needs to draw the reader in, and for a house, you need a good entrance. Is there any other space within your home that makes more of an impression than the entry and landing? Entrances are the first place you visit when you enter a home, and the last place you will see before you leave. It is for this reason that we must ensure our hallways, corridors, foyers, and lobbies, are meticulously decorated to represent our home's domestic aesthetic and design. First impressions last, and the entrance is as much of a room as your bedroom, living room, and kitchen, so it makes practical sense to treat it as one. 

Today on homify we are paying homage to stylish and impressive entrances. Spaces that catch our eye, and divert our attention. Entry hallways and corridors that have applied simple tips and tricks to achieve gorgeous and inviting homes. If you would like a little inspiration for your house and its most important space, check out the examples below and redecorate your dwelling with confidence!

Pick a colour for your walls…

This unbelievable entrance features a stunning wall of different print and pattern tiles, which look fabulously chic and stylish. The space is single height within the main entrance, while the opening to the stairs and the second floor is rather airy, adding to the spacious ambience. The atmosphere here is electric, it's bright, lively, and oozes eccentricity. Added to that the eclectic range of colours and textures used throughout, and this space is highly unique!

One of the first things to consider when making your entrance a feast for the eyes is the colour of the walls. Wall colour has a huge impact on the overall effect of your space, and you can determine the mood simply through choosing a hue. Now, if you don't feel as though you want to go all out with your entrance and inject a bright and vivacious tone, you may want to consider a neutral shade instead. White and off-white are the most popular colours, and can effortlessly add a clean timeless vibe to your abode. 

It's all about the table!

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Tables make a huge impact on an entrance space, and we absolutely adore this solid timber piece. Combined with a contemporary interior, heritage artwork, and modern furniture, this entrance is striking and impressive. Additionally, this table is fairly low to the ground, and although it is a rigid piece of timber, allows the room to remain spacious. 

If you are considering a table for your entry, take a look at this example and get some inspiration. The Asian carving is particularly interesting, and pairs extremely well with the contemporary ambience within the home. The fresh orchids are another fine addition, adding life to the space, and coordinating with the white colour scheme. 

Remember, flooring makes a big difference

This wonderful floor is light, bright, and timeless. It is a pale timber that works wonderfully with the white painted walls, and the brilliant under-stair lighting. Here there is a void space that allows the entry to feel open and airy, while the floor adds that subtle yet much needed contrast. 

One of the nicest elements of this entrance is the way the flooring is followed onto each step, adding a stylish and sophisticated continuity. Furthermore, the steps jut outward providing ample space for curios and other 'objet d'art'. 

Choose statement lighting

Other than wall colour, lighting makes possibly the biggest impression within an entrance. Here in this image we see a stylish and utterly extravagant entry. The colour scheme is earthy and rich, with enough white tones to keep the area interesting and light. Darker contrast pieces are seen within this room, and include the gorgeous twin tables, the lamp shades, and the display cabinet at the end of the room. However, it is the lighting that really shines! The drop down pendant baubles are a festive looking alternative to a single hanging light. They work to create a whimsical effect within the house, and are seamlessly incorporated into the design. 

If you want to emulate a similar style in your home, consider chatting to a professional, who can suggest the right style and design for your specific room. 

Mirror, mirror everywhere

When people think about putting a mirror in their entrance space, it is often a simple small number, replete with a gold or timber frame, styled nicely to fit within the space. And by no means is this a bad thing: mirrors work beautifully with entrance spaces, and can easily enhance areas with little trouble at all. But what if you could take it one step further? In this entrance we see a design that really pushes the boundaries, and works beautifully. The entire wall has been applied with mirror, in a harlequin diamond pattern. Paired with this wall is a single tufted ottoman-cum-stool, which provides visitors a place to rest while waiting. 

If you are considering a mirror in your entry, why not think about a whole wall of mirror? This is will work particularly well if you are working with a small or compact space, allowing the area to be opened up using the reflective material. 

Don't forget to accessorise!

Accessories and decoration are often one of the best and easiest ways to quickly transform your entrance, or to add the aesthetic icing on the cake. In this example we are presented with a very cute and rustic space, replete with adorable Bernese Mountain Dog. Aside from the utterly huggable hound, this space is stylish and inviting, with pastel tones and interesting accoutrements. There is a pale blue bench chair, a glass jar with collected branches as well as a throw rug for a soft touch. 

If you are thinking about emulating this design in your own home, choose a muted colour palette, rustic repurposed or reconditioned furniture, simple throw rug, and huge fluffy dog. 

We hope that got your decorative juices flowing! If you'd like to see more, check out: homify guide: How to create a romantic bedroom

Did any of these tips and tricks inspire you? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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