Grills and wood ovens—7 crazy options!

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Wood-fired ovens and grills make everything taste more delicious. Soups have a full-bodied taste, pizzas have a delectable crust and there is a certain smoky flavour that's impossible to replicate in any other oven. They are also more fun to use than an ordinary old oven. Cooking is often a long drawn-out process that offers an introduction to the pleasures of slow cooking. Guests will love to get involved and communal cooking can turn into a real ice-breaker that's great for social occasions. So what kind of wood-fired oven would suit your home? Well, let's check out some styles that might inspire…

1. An indoor option

An older-style wood fired oven often has a lot of visual weight. But this one has been painted white to blend into the walls. We love the striking look of the black pipe and the old-style iron door. It's a style that can work well with a modern, rustic interior.

2. Oven with grill for a lovely patio

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas Design Outdoors Limited Mediterranean style garden
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Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas

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Lots of outdoor grills look quite slick. While the slick look can be good for an urban balcony, it often looks out of place in an outdoor entertaining area with garden-style setting. This unit has all the soft, rustic flavour of an older style setup. The rounded open oven is also perfect for those who don't want to bend over to check on the progress of that perfect pizza.

3. Wood-fired oven with an iron door

A portable option is fantastic for those who want the convenience of an oven that might fit in the kitchen and the outdoor entertaining area. We presume this one is on wheels. Note the good wooden worktop surface. It's always important to consider installing a sturdy area to rest items once you pull them out of the oven.

4. A rustic kitchen oven with an outdoor feel

If you want to introduce some rustic character to your interior, built an oven with brick, wood and stone. The soft variations in colour and texture will make the room feel cosy and add a lot of warmth to the interior. The colours are also quite neutral so you can often include a whole range of materials while still maintaining a cohesive look.

5. The perfect pizza oven

This setup is perfect for a kitchen with a modern rustic interior. The bar style seating almost makes this feel like a restaurant style kitchen and the thick black frame of the wood-fired oven certainly catches the eye. Note the variety of natural materials present in this design.

6. A traditional cosy kitchen oven

This cute kitchen is reminiscent of a Mediterranean style kitchen. The oven is built-into the kitchen bench so the entire space has a very earthy, solid feel. Open shelving and storage completes the look.

7. A wood fired oven for a small urban home

There are lots of wood fired ovens designed to be used in small modern homes these days. Something like this barely takes up any space and could easily be turned into the main focus in the kitchen design. We love how it looks against the chunky pots on the shelves.

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Which of these designs is your favourite?

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