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Marco D'Andrea Architettura Interior Design Eclectic style living room Wood White
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Get ready folks, because we’re heading to the fashion capital of Italy. The Lombardy region boasts one of the country’s most popular and trendy cities: Milan. A financial hub that is world-renowned for its shopping, dining and nightlife, the city is truly a glorious place to explore and discover.

So it’s no wonder that today we’ll be taking you on a tour of one of its apartments. Designed by Marco D’Andrea, this simple home comes replete with timeless colour schemes, minimalist luxury, and astute attention to detail. 

Carefully planned to maximise easy liveability, the property is functional, versatile and wonderfully refreshing. Would you like to take a peek inside? Check it out here…

The light and bright living room

The first room we check out is the large, spacious and open plan living space. Sleek yet welcoming, the range of indoor plants add a certain charm and assist in softening the overall ambience. Furniture is a range of styles, from the bespoke unit that sits against the back wall, to the über-comfy modular sofa that looks seriously snug!

Laminate floors offer a modern aesthetic, while still retaining a sense of classic elegance, in addition to creating a fluid aura that is felt throughout.

The entrance

It’s often interesting to see how architects and designers deal with the entry to an apartment. As this space is often open to the rest of the living areas, rooms are sometimes segregated to provide privacy. However, in this room the entrance is not delineated, and is freely accessible to the other areas of the abode. 

We can also see that the room to the right is set one step higher than the rest of the living area. This split-level feature helps differentiate the kitchen from the rest of the space, boosting the engagement between living zones.

The gorgeous dining room

Full of flair yet restrained with a simple and effective aura, this room is definitely reflective of Milan’s luxury and romance. In this image we see the room as a whole. The charming dining room sits centre stage, offering a cohesive environment that embraces and incorporates the kitchen. 

We’re also able to see the flooring within this space. Opting to continue the timber throughout, the designers added dark contrasting tiles to allow for a more low-maintenance approach within the cooking zone.

The surprising kitchen!

If you’ve had the pleasure of travelling to Italy, you’ll likely be aware of the impressive array of highly palatable wine varieties. This kitchen ensures the occupant has everything they could possibly require to concoct a fine gastronomic adventure. The kitchen is where this apartment really shines! Bursting with fabulous accessories, appliances and a chic aesthetic, this is definitely one to copy in your own home. 

The sleek white, hardware free joinery is paired, or more aptly contrasted, against the charming red mosaic backsplash. Although minimal in its design, the cooking area still manages to pack a punch with its characterful additions that make the space some alive. 

The extractor hood is one such feature that definitely enhances this room tenfold. Known as a vertical hood, this appliance avoids imposing upon the compact space with its thin profile, and is perfect for taller cooks that don’t want head height restrictions.

The lavish bathroom

Boasting a unified colour palette throughout, the bathroom also enjoys a neutral yet inviting scheme. However, as opposed to the living areas that are a crisp white, this space opts for a sandier hue that boosts the room’s aura with a hospitable and sumptuous ambience.

Smart, stylish and full of elegance

The last image we take a look at shows us the living area, kitchen and dining room from a different angle. Here we can see the glass balustrade, which supports the staircase downstairs, while the layout of the dwelling is functional and enjoyable. Definitely one of the finer compact apartments we have seen, this property is sure to age gracefully, and offer its occupants a fine place to live, socialise, relax and live!

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