Bedrooms: 6 designs for double beds

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The master bedroom is one of the most important living spaces in the house. We can even call it the headquarters of the home, for this room is where many discussions are held—whether about work, goals, children, holidays or the future! The bedroom is also the space where the stresses and headaches of the day are left behind as you lean back against the pillows for a quiet read or snuggle into your cosy bed to sleep. For this reason, the bedroom should always have a calm and relaxing ambience, where the occupants can unwind in a peaceful and loving environment. Today we’ll see 6 beautiful ideas that offer some great inspiration for designing your bedroom! Let's take a look…

1. ​An intimate ambience

This décor was planned for a young couple, hence the 'you & me' cushion on the wooden bed. The hanging lamps on either side are a beautiful idea for bedside lights! They seem to enclose the bed in a nook and the soft yellow glow is perfect for a romantic atmosphere.

2. ​A grand mirror

The highlight of this classy bedroom is the huge mirror with a walnut frame that adds a big heap of style to the elegant grey décor. We can easily imagine dressing up for a party while standing before this lovely mirror! The grey padded wall behind the headboard and the plush carpet enhance the cosy ambience. Together with the rich wooden furniture on pedestals and the sleek ottoman, this is a bedroom we'd never want to leave!

3. ​Rustic notes

This unique wallpaper is eminently suitable for a modern couple with a taste for the raw and rustic! The colours add warmth to the room and are easily matched by wooden furniture and grey and white bedding.

4. ​A rich décor

The rich wooden finish of this bedroom – floor, walls and ceiling – glows like fire in the soft lights and is perfectly matched by gorgeous silk bedding, creating an exquisite and luxurious environment. This is a warm and vibrant room for a happy and creative couple!

5. Modern boudoir

Moving from the fiery to the cool, here is a sober and stylish bedroom for the refined and sophisticated couple. The satin matte wallpaper is an elegant background in black, teamed with a grey bed and lightened by soft cream and beige fabrics.

6. ​The cheerful touch

Note the elegant light wooden furniture with fine detailing and the splashes of bright yellow that come together in a vivacious French style. We visualise the occupants of this room as a cheerful and lively couple!

These 6 types of bedroom décor give a fascinating insight into the kinds of elements and colours that can be used to create 6 very different but equally gorgeous bedrooms! For more striking home ideas, take a look at another ideabook: 6 amazing monochrome ideas you can try at home.

Which of these double bed designs would you pick for your home?

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