​Kitchen makeovers: 5 jaw-dropping transformations

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The kitchen is indeed the space around which the rest of the home exists. It's the epicentre where food, family time and many other needs are met. Today's Ideabook takes you through 5 amazing kitchen transformations that will leave you asking for more! These old kitchens underwent a complete overhaul in terms of style, functionality and modernity. Read on to learn more… and pick up some inspiring tips!

1. ​Before & after: from drab to fresh

The old kitchen had mundane white walls and unsightly wooden textures that seemed to be peeling off in many places. The old patterned floor and lack of proper layers and lights made it look outdated. The new kitchen by the restoration and renovation experts at Traber Obras has a blue backsplash that follows the L-shaped space with white counters and a warm wooden floor. The dim lighting now makes this an intimate zone, while the white cabinets add to the functionality of the kitchen.

2. ​Before: disproportionate and mismatched kitchen

The kitchen from before was a disproportionate one with tiny cabinets and a very large sink. Also, the colours and textures were completely mismatched with no coherent style in place.

​After: better space usage

The kitchen has now been turned into an sleek L-shaped niche that houses all the essentials required by the homeowners. This white and grey space has an industrial chic look, which elevates it to a higher style status. The appliances and counters have been planned in a professional way and the windows have been kept in strong perspective as well.

​3. Before: building site

This old kitchen looked like a timber yard at best. It hardly resembled a space where one could comfortably eat or cook. Serious work was needed.

​After: unbelievable transformation

We had to do a double-take on this one! The unbelievable transformation of this space has made it into a white-hot project. This kitchen now has room for everything, with a Scandinavian-style wooden table up front and subtle grey details. The white cabinets have slim lines defining them, while the white appliances match perfectly. Thanks to the vibrant crockery and fruit, pops of colour add an extra level of energy to the space, while natural light filters in through pristine white blinds.

​4. Before & after: cluttered to well-organised

The kitchen from before was a dim and cluttered space without any proper planning. The new kitchen has an interesting diagonal twist for its L-shaped layout, which helps in making good use of the natural light, while a table has been installed for an open vibe.

​5. Before: unsightly colour

The jarring citrus hue here made this kitchen look a real style mess. Dated tiles and shabby appliances did little to help. 

​After: sleek and modern

The new kitchen has a wonderfully sleek look, with the counters placed at a comfortable level without the clutter of cabinets all around. The wide full-length windows bring in adequate natural light to the culinary zone.

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Which of these kitchen makeovers impressed you the most?

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