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We've talked before here on homify about the importance of curtains and drapes, and how to pick the perfect ones. (See the ideabook here.) Because they take up such a large area in a room, curtains and drapes can make a room – or they can break it! Because of this, it can be tempting to play it safe with curtains, choosing light, neutral tones like white, cream or beige, in a block colour. Neutral, light-coloured curtains can certainly be beautiful, and they provide a blank canvas which you can decorate around, but it can be an awful lot of fun to be a little bolder. Not for the faint-hearted, to be sure, but bold curtains, especially curtains with a bold pattern, will make a real statement in any room, and apart from that, they can look absolutely beautiful. So let's take a look at some of the bold, patterned curtains here on homify! 

Delicate but bold

 Household by Nina Campbell
Nina Campbell

NC And Osborne & Litle

Nina Campbell

These bold red curtains come from Nina Campbell with Osborne & Little. The pattern is delicate, but large, and the bold red is striking and unafraid to stand out. Set against that bright red wall, they make this room is a real showstopper. Red can be a difficult colour for curtains, but a delicate pattern will keep things from getting too boudoir!

Wall-to-wall pattern

 Household by Nina Campbell
Nina Campbell

NC And Osborne & Litle

Nina Campbell

Another one from Nina Campbell and Osborne & Little, bear with us on this one. Yes, that's a lot of pattern, but isn't it beautiful?! Walls and curtains blend into each other, the curtains, chameleon-like, only revealing themselves on closer inspection. It's bold, it's a little crazy, but we love it! Of course, you don't have to go quite so big on pattern as has been done here; just the blue patterned curtains would be plenty. The blue is cool and refreshing, but in combination with that swirling pattern it makes for a very bold style statement. 

Lush greenery

From Chivasso BV's Monsoon 2014 collection, these green tropical-printed curtains are lush and exotic, bold and exciting. The rich green hues are loud, bright and refreshing, and the large prints very eye-catching. Set against a rich brown – as in the frames of the armchairs pictured – a vibrant, earthy scene, full of life, is created. As a side note, we should point out that curtains don't just have to be for windows – use them as room dividers, too! 

Pink and orange

These bold, patterned curtains are a little gentler than the other ones we've seen so far. The fabric is relatively light, diffusing the daylight through it to soften the mix of clashing pinks and oranges in the pattern. They are, nonetheless, a bold and striking window dressing that would look fabulous in a bedroom

Tropical blue

More lush tropicana, these curtains are another set from Chivasso BV's Monsoon 2014 collection. Fabric, tone and pattern are all incredibly rich and dense. Not a set of curtains for anyone with a faint heart, certainly, but with the right decor and room layout, they would be a stunning addition to a living or dining room. 

Regal red

These regal curtains from Telamor have a wonderful deep, dark red as their background, punctuated by a bold mix of gold and grey. Fabric with a slight sheen creates the impression of a luxurious royal cape draped down the sides of the window. 

Something a little gentler

A bold and colourful pattern in a rather more contemporary style than we've seen thus far, these curtains from Indes Fuggerhaus are both striking and chic. If you've found all the patterning going on above a little overwhelming, you could try dipping a toe into the world of bold, patterned curtains with something like this, which is less aggressive, but still makes a definite statement.

Would you be brave enough to hang bold, patterned curtains in your home? Let us know in the comments!
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