A young couple built their dream home for S$121k

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With the cost of living rising at an almost unfathomable rate, it’s no wonder singles, couples and families are beginning to look outside the box when it comes to their housing and accommodation. When considering a move or purchasing a new home, dealing with a restrictive budget can often feel a little like treading water in an endless sea of competition, ruthless real estate agents and a lack of choice. For one couple this highly undesirable reality allowed them to opt for something a little different.

Instead of giving in to life in a cloistered one-bedroom downtown apartment, they headed island-side and purchased a rundown 200-year-old warehouse, and updated it for a mere S$121k. Situated on a mountain in the rugged north of the Spanish island of Ibiza, this beautiful casita is now a contemporary dream house. 

Boasting a range of über-chic homeware, furniture and natural materials, this dwelling is an undeniable piece of paradise. Bright stucco combines with modern necessities, original building materials and a real sense of rustic authenticity to create an effortlessly lavish abode. Would you like to take a peek inside? Come with us on a rare tour of this home by reading on below!

Simple authenticity

Undeniably chic, this rustic modern abode makes a bold first impression. Nestled into the hillside, the whitewashed façade is typical of the location, with practical applications as well as stylistic benefits. Reflecting the often-harsh Ibizan sun during the hotter months, this stucco keeps the interior cool and enjoyable, while offering timeless modernity.

Considering the entire structure is a mere 90 square metres, this property definitely stands its ground, with a dramatic and bold presence upon the landscape. Let’s take a peek inside…

Chic homewares and furniture

As the owners are the proprietors of a design company themselves, it’s no wonder how the house came to be filled with a variety of chic homeware and gorgeous pieces of furniture. 

The Eames rocker and matching dining chairs are a characterful touch, imparting retro aesthetics that beautiful contrast the antique rug and bold wall art.

Preserving the past

As you would have noticed in the previous image, the dwelling has wonderfully paired the history and heritage of the original structure with a newer contemporary scheme. The rustic timber ceiling has been retained by the designers and is one of the key features that separate this home from more modern abodes.

Combining the old and the new

As we’ve mentioned, this dwelling certainly manages to pair the old and the new with confidence and poise, and this is easily apparent in the kitchen. Boasting a bold new set of black joinery against an exposed stone wall, the room is eye-catching and attention grabbing. Modern art adorns the walls, while the antique rug adds yet another element to this multi-faceted space.

Rustic modernity

Here at homify we often talk about rustic modernity, but it can be difficult to know what we mean unless you see it first hand – and this bathroom is the perfect example! Replete with the stunning stone walls, rendered room dividers and natural timber vanity, the room imparts a truly Mediterranean feeling, while the huge glass mirror is contemporary, chic and of course, practical.

Room with a view

Finally we head over to the dining room to take a final peek at this home and all it has to offer. Appreciating the setting of this dwelling is difficult without first taking a look at its location – through the double doors we see the real Spanish island of Ibiza, and all that it has to offer. A room with an unquestionably gorgeous view, this is definitely one of our favourite scenes within a truly memorable residence.

Considered and careful design on a low budget!

Lastly, we thought we’d mention the low-cost of this domestic renovation and how the owners achieved so much with so little. Utilising their creativity, the refurbishment of this dwelling has been undertaken with care and consideration. Opting for a ‘less is more’ approach, each piece of furniture is added with purpose, while finishes are simple, in-keeping and in touch with the home’s original intention and objective.

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