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In the bathroom, we tend to become the most negligent hoarders. Over time, our bathroom drawers too easily become mini cesspits of expired vitamins, crusty lotions, rusty shavers and mouldy toothbrushes, to say nothing of the reservoirs of sample serums, hair gels and half-filled shampoos. Beneath pile upon pile of refuse beauty goods, you’ll probably only be using about twenty percent of what you actually own on a regular basis. For the purpose of basic hygiene, as well as a sense of ease and peace of mind, it really is a superb idea to be done with all that mess and stay on top of it for good. Yet it can be a mission. In order to differentiate between the essential and the non-essential, there’s one item that every bathroom needs—a vital piece of furniture that will not only bring your bathroom functionality into line, but help organise your morning routine, and corral the hodgepodge: a good old fashioned medicine cabinet. 

A neat medicine cabinet just might be best thing that ever happened to your bathroom—if you don’t yet own one, be sure to take a look at the fabulous examples below, and get excited about overhauling your bathroom into a stylish and chaos-free wash space.

Why install a medicine cabinet?

Medicine cabinet—the term conjures up feelings of old-worldly or dowdy bathrooms, décor and design that is a little out-of-date, and mid-century bathrooms lacking style or grace. These days medicine cabinets are quite the opposite, they are essential storage locations for all manner of bathroom accessories, appurtenances and accoutrements. Moreover, the medicine cabinet just isn’t what it used to be, it has changed, grown-up, and now offers a range of stylish solutions to storing bathroom goods. With the amount of medicines, lotions and accessories that we have these days, it makes sense to ensure they are well-managed and effectively stored. Furthermore, some of these items can be dangerous to little ones, and in order to create a safe and welcoming home environment, these substances should be kept high up and out of reach of tiny hands.

A stylish standalone unit

Do you need somewhere to store your bathroom accessories, but don’t want a typical medicine cabinet? Consider a standalone unit for you bathroom that will act stylishly, practically and with the added benefit of flexibility. Unlike most other medicine cabinets that are positioned above the sink or vanity unit, the standalone cupboard can be placed anywhere within the bathroom, which is especially necessary if your sink looks out over a window.

Rustic and repurposed

Driftwood wall cabinet Julia's Driftwood BathroomMedicine cabinets
Julia's Driftwood

Driftwood wall cabinet

Julia's Driftwood

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Take a look at this rustic repurposed medicine cabinet and get inspired. For a truly original home décor item, then try a piece of furniture that will undoubtedly create a sense of intrigue and charm within your space.

Sleek and integrated

This medicine cabinet is hidden from view as it is built into the wall space. As the sliding mirrored doors are open we can see the interior of the space, however, when shut, the vanity unit looks smart, elegant, and flush with the wall.

Smart use of hidden space

This example shows great use of hidden space that is concealed with sliding doors. The deep timber interior is wonderfully contrasted against the crisp white décor of the exterior. Choose this type of system if you have plentiful items to store, an awkward space to work with, and wish to have a sleek and contemporary design.


Now, often when you live in a rented property, there are few things you can do to the dwelling, along with limitations on what you can, and cannot affix to the walls. This can cause difficulty if you wish to upgrade or renovate your abode, and are restricted in doing so. However, there are other options. Think outside the box, and invest your money in pieces you will be able to take with you when and if you move. In replacement of an affixed medicine cabinet, choose stylish ceramics that can hold your goods. Alternatively, buy classic pieces of furniture, such as a standalone unit, that will ensure you have something secure and useful, as well as moveable.

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