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Today on homify we are travelling to Ukraine to take a look at a wonderful minimalist apartment that employs a range of textures and tones to create an inviting, chic, and ultra-stylish abode. Texture can have a huge impact on the aesthetic sensibilities of a dwelling, and if astutely incorporated, can impart interest and uniqueness upon the home. When designing minimalist interiors, it is important to ensure the space remains engaging to the occupant. This is where texture and tone can play a huge role, and brilliantly perfect the overall ambience and atmosphere of a room. 

The apartment we are taking a look at today has been designed by Artem Shelipov, a Ukrainian designer who specialises in residential and public buildings, as well as bespoke furniture fabrication. The interior is a truly tranquil and serene experience, with textured walls and custom furniture adding to the overall appearance and vibe of the dwelling. If you would like to explore the inside of this original and innovative minimalist residence, check out the images below, and get inspired to update and renew your home!

A neutral and serene entrance

The entrance to the home is perhaps one of the most impressive spaces within this dwelling. It is here that we are truly able to see the gorgeous textures that have been implemented and employed. 

These textures are seen on the left hand side of the image, and vary between the timber birch veneer in a cubist floating pattern, as well as a linear panel of thin pieces of timber. Paired with the matte-satin flooring, smooth wood veneer, and heavy draped curtains, and this space is brilliantly original, and totally engaging.

Sleek minimalism

As we move through to the main part of the home, and into the living room, we are greeted by more minimalist designed spaces. The overall feeling and ambience within this area is one of peace and relaxation. The lounge is formal, and yet sumptuously inviting. Employing a welcoming atmosphere, each piece of furniture serves a purpose, and ensures the space is versatile, with strong functionality.

In the corner of this space we see the lavish modular sofa. This item is perfectly designed to maximise comfort, while acting as a stylish household accessory. The textures are also seen again with the concrete-clad wall working brilliantly against the sleek white floor and plush drapes. Rugs are overlapped to ensure a warm and hospitable living area, with a high floor lamp imparting a neutral glow. Muted tones reign supreme in this design, adding to the timelessness of the entire space.

A combination of texture and tone

As previously mentioned, this home draws interest and originality from its use of different textures. This is particularly evident when viewing the living room from this sideways vantage. To the left of the image we see the square timber veneer panelling that adds warmth and an artistic influence. To the right however, we see something new! The marble-esque pattern looks more like an agate rock that has been sliced perfectly in half. This style is yet another texture, imparting a sense of flair into the space. Matched with the gorgeous sleek furniture, the space oozes appeal and panache. 

Classy cooking space

Continuing the tour through the home, we come to the kitchen. This area is again neutral and neat. The white colour scheme is repeated within this room, utilising stylishly chic bespoke joinery, and a drop down exhaust hood. The room is unbelievably well-coordinated with the rest of the home, and adds value to the dwelling with its high-tech, yet ultra-sleek design. 

Informal dining

Turning around to view the kitchen and informal dining from another angle, it is clear the level of detail this home has had implanted into its design. The dining table is incorporated into the main kitchen island, with a huge piece of marble acting as a practical feature. 

A statement light fitting hangs above this eating area, and works beautifully to demonstrate creativity, uniqueness and intrigue. The room is modern, seamless, and enhanced yet again by the room dividing burner-cum-fireplace. This centrepiece keeps the home warm, as well as offering an eye-catching component.  

Subtle illumination

As we take a look into one of the hallways within the apartment, we are given a glimpse into the neutral and subtly illuminated space. The designer has incorporated a true sense of minimalism within this area, and the lighting adds to the overall appearance and design of the room. Recessed lights point downward onto the concrete-clad wall, while the hanging pendant bulbs to the right of the image are stylish and individual. 

Finally, the lighting underneath each individual stair is a beautiful touch, which not only adds to the effortless simplicity of the space, but is a functional safety measure as well. 

Artistic and engaging

Around every corner there is an engaging item to captivate and enlighten. Even in a normally unused space under the staircase, the designer has added a sculptural piece of art that imparts life and vivacity into the home. Again we see the timber tones throughout the home. These hues add a neutral and inviting presence, as well as offering timelessness and an age-definant aesthetic.

Minimalist placement of furniture

As we take one final close-up of the living room chair before ending our tour, we are struck by the beautiful arrangement of items within this home. The spaces are minimal, and yet still highly inviting. The furniture adds character, charm and charisma, with the central burner providing warmth, and a snug area to rest and relax. 

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Did you enjoy the combination of textures and tones within this home? If you did (or didn't) let us know in the comments below!

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