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Located in East Finchley, north London, we are today travelling to view a truly superb and enlightening renovation. Situated in the Borough of Barnet, 5.4 miles (8.7 km) northwest of Charing Cross, this four bedroom dwelling has been fabulously brought to life with a captivating and contemporary aesthetic. East Finchley is a beautiful suburban district of London, with many theatres, restaurants, and other amenities. Once home to Peter Sellers, George Michael, and the playwright Clive Sansom, the area is now a popular locale for many actors and creatives.

When renovating their home, the clients requested a stylish, contemporary and comfortable design. Thanks to the team at Studio Duggan this desire was turned into a reality. Employing Scandinavian and industrial influences, the interior utilises grey walls and timber floors in conjunction with pastel hues and sumptuous fabrics. Each element and feature is carefully considered, and ensures a playful and welcoming family abode. 

If you would like a little inspiration for your apartment or home, check out the images below, and renovate, refurbish, and renew your home with style and elegance. 

Scandinavian influences

Dining Room homify Modern dining room

Dining Room


As we enter the first room the overwhelming ambience is clean, crisp and utterly luxurious. Bold black metal is paired with softer timber elements, and wonderfully contrasted against the predominant while colour scheme. Here in the dining room, it is a combination of the seating and lighting that are truly the icing on the decorative cake. Pastel hues upon the upholstered chairs bring elegance and sophistication, as well as providing a little individuality and interest into the room. The large hanging black light fitting is a brilliantly eye-catching addition, which softly illuminates the dining area, and is enhanced by the mirror upon the wall. 

Each item is carefully considered, and works to add a dash of colour, or a hint of elegance. The table is long, and seats approximately eight individuals, perfect for a sleek dinner event. The room is bright and airy, with a balance between empty space and furniture adding to the sense of hospitality and homeliness. 

Comfort and luxury

Family Room homify Modern living room

Family Room


Moving across the large interior space into the reception room and living quarters, we are immediately given a glimpse at the comfort and design of this dwelling. The home may be stylish and sophisticated, but it is also welcoming and warm, perfect for the young family that inhabit the spaces. 

The modular sofa takes up the corner of the space, and is an ideal resting point for all members of this family in the evening or perhaps after lunch. 

A gorgeous entrance

Back tracking a little to get a proper look at the entrance hallway, the design is once again Scandinavian in its approach, with many industrial elements added to impart a rustic earthiness. The circular mirror is almost retro, and combined with the glass pendant lamp, adds a deco-esque quality to the room. 

This area is a great example and illustration of how to use only a certain amount of ornamentation to achieve a compelling and captivating visual entrance space. The lamp is warm, and invities the visitor in, while the rusty pail is provincial and timeless.

Simple yet inviting

Bedroom homify Modern style bedroom



As we move upstairs into one of the loft bedrooms, it is clear the level of comfort that has been achieved. The designers have chosen muted hues for the walls, without opting for a crisp white as seen downstairs in the living quarters. The bedding is sumptuous and inviting, with different textures adding interest and originality to the design.

Making the most of space

Banquette Seating homify Modern style bedroom

Banquette Seating


Space has been carefully used throughout the residence. There are certain areas that required less furniture to feel open and welcoming, while upstairs in the loft bedroom the window has been well-designed. Loft windows can be challenging, not only are they compact, they also have tricky angles to approach and deal with. 

Here however, the space is beautifully exploited to provide storage, and a utterly sumptuous seating space. Ideal for getting snug and watching the world go by, this space is perfectly decorated and adorned with throw cushions. 

Pretty in pink

Nursery homify Modern nursery/kids room



Within one of the nursery bedrooms we see the pastel hues at work. The subtle pink colour is fabulously mixed with hanging pendant lights that look as if they are flowers. Storage is employed to offer handy organisation within the room, and the overwhelming ambience within the space is one of relaxation and serenity.

Rest and relaxation

Nursery homify Modern nursery/kids room



As we near the end of our tour, we take another look at the nursery room, and the beautiful furniture that has been added and employed. Decorating a nursery can be difficult. You often want to evoke a sense of tranquillity, while also ensuring the space is functional and versatile. You will want to avoid removing wallpaper, changing the theme, and completely altering the room as the child grows,  so this design allows the space to adapt and change with the child.

A simple nursing chair sits in the corner of the space, and provides the room a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Cool and classic

Bathroom homify Modern bathroom



For one final look inside this home before we end out tour, we are taking a look at the bathroom. Often considered a less important part of the home in terms of decorating, wash spaces are actually crucial to the enjoyment of your dwelling. 

Here in this image we see the gorgeously classic and timeless bathroom. Employing a blend of contemporary fixtures with traditional design, the room is effortlessly chic. The basin is set into the wall, and offers a compact way to include all the necessary bathroom parts in a small and convenient space. Simple, sleek, timeless, this room embodies all that the home aims to achieve and more!

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