Surprise visit? How to clean the house in 5 minutes!

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Is there anything worse than guests showing up to your house unannounced? While it might be nice to have a few pop-ins now and then, it can also wreak havoc if your home isn’t neat, orderly or clean. Whether you’ve organised a party and a reveller shows up early, or your in-laws decide to make a surprise visit, an unclean house is sure to cause stress and anxiety. 

Want the solution? We’ve got some seriously helpful tips that will help you speed-clean your home in less than 5 minutes! A speed-clean might not thoroughly sanitise your dwelling, but often that’s all it takes to get your home looking stylish, clean and orderly – and perfect for anyone that might come walking through your front door. Ready to start speed cleaning?

Clean those surfaces!

First things first, grab your household cleaner, spray the surfaces in your home (kitchen, coffee tables, side tables) and ensure everything is sanitised and clean.

Polish and dust

Next up you should grab your dusted and look at large appliances or furniture such as your television. These can be dusted quickly, and then given a quick polish with a microfibre cloth.

Give the bathroom a quick clean

The bathroom is crucial! As this is a room your guests will definitely use, you should make sure you have added disinfectant to the bowl of your toilet, sprayed the surfaces with a cleaner, and wiped everything down.

Hide all the dirty dishes

Speed through your house, entering each room and grabbing all the dirty dishes. Head to the kitchen and load them quickly into the dishwasher. It doesn’t matter if you don’t put the washer on, at least they will be out of sight.

Vacuum pet hair

Is there anything worse than sitting on a sofa and ending up covered in pet hair? Grab your vacuum cleaner and focus on the seats and throw rugs as opposed to the floor. Most of the time your pet’s hair will be fairly invisible on the floor (unless there is loads of it!), while couches are far more obvious.

Get the lighting right

Your lighting can help your home feel cleaner in an instant. Avoid bright lights and instead opt for several lamps that will diffuse the illumination, creating mood and ambience and detracting from the state of cleanliness.

Sort your accessories

Rearranging your accessories and accoutrements can make a huge difference. Line up throw cushions, fold throw rugs, fix tilted picture frames and neaten decorative ornaments.

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Open windows, doors and light some incense or plug in your oil diffuser .Adding nice smells to your apartment will help remove any undesirable ones, and improve the overall ambience.

One final trick you’ll want to know!

In case you don’t manage to get much cleaning done before your guests arrive, leave your vacuum and mop by the door to give the impression you have been caught out in the middle of cleaning. This solution isn’t perfect, but it might make your guests slightly less put off by your messy or unclean house.

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