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Want a really clean house? Throw away these 6 things now!!!

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Who doesn’t want a neat and clean home? But no matter how hard we try, a mess of some degree seems inevitable. We humans have a magpie tendency to accumulate new things without getting rid of the old ones, it seems. So the question really is – how do we sort the clutter? Why do we gather so many things, and why do we attach feelings to it?

Today we bring to you a list of 6 old items that tend to linger without being truly needed. Dispose of these and you’re well on your way to maintaining a tidy home!

1. Old sponges and dishcloths

The humble sponge isn’t as harmless as it looks! Often one of the dirtiest items in the kitchen, the sponge can harbour an army of bacteria and must be replaced frequently. Dishcloths can be washed and reused, but aren’t much better as we don't replace them every day. So keep your surfaces free of old cloths and sponges, and follow the example of this pristine kitchen from the architects at Architect Show Co. Ltd.!

2. Tattered footwear

Closet Space homify Modern dressing room

Closet Space


Old footwear is another item that just keeps piling up! We kid ourselves into thinking that we’ll wear those old shoes again someday – but never do. If you haven’t worn those old shoes for a few months, just throw them away before they become unrecognisable under layers of dust!

3. A mountain of magazines

Magazines and newspapers have a sneaky way of piling up till the stack is so high that it becomes part of the furniture! We think that they may come in handy someday but, they probably won't. The space that the piles of paper occupy can easily be used to accommodate other things. So don’t delay – get rid of those papers today!

4. Old utensils

50.2cm pull-out organiser simplehuman KitchenStorage

50.2cm pull-out organiser


How many of us keep that ancient saucepan even after buying a new one? Or arrange a new set of glasses along with the chipped old set? Like magpies, we needlessly hoard our old utensils. It’s time to take charge! Sort your kitchenware twice a year—remove all the items that you haven’t used since the last clean-up and donate them to the needy.

5. Rotting foods

We tend to go overboard when stocking up on goodies. Spices, cookies, mayonnaise, jams and so much more! Often, the larder is stuffed to overflowing and we neglect to check what’s there at the back – till it passes its expiry date! So buy a little at a time and frequently empty the cupboard to make sure nothing is off.

6. Threadbare linen

Towels, bedsheets, bedspreads – we're talking about that bursting linen closet! Why keep all those shabby sheets and towels for some vague future occasion which may never even arise? It’s high time you aired that closet and got rid of the unnecessary things!

Follow these 6 tips and you’ll be firmly on the right path to a clean, clutter-free house! For more refresing ideas, check out: 10 simple cleaning tips to start a fresh new year

Do you have any other decluttering tips for us?

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