6 creative ways to use Ikea's KALLAX shelf

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The Ikea KALLAX (formally EXPEDIT) shelf is a tried and tested favourite, and although we don’t have precise numbers, we know that the company sells a lot of these units! As such a versatile and good-looking shelf, it’s easy to see why people flock to this particular system to hold all manner of domestic items, from vinyl records to children’s toys. Inexpensive, stylish and practical, the KALLAX has it all. 

If you’ve got one of these iconic Ikea items in your home, but are unsure how to employ it, we’re here to show you how. We’ve collated 6 easy and helpful uses for the KALLAX that are sure to get your brain ticking. Of course, there are plenty more than simply 6 options for the shelf but we’ve added our favourites. Get inspired, use your imagination and read on below…

1. The entertainment system

Do you want a simple, inexpensive and organised area for all of your media and entertainment items? Yep, you've guessed it; the Ikea KALLAX is the piece of furniture for you. 

Simple, easy to install and replete with enough space for all of your odds and ends, this setup will easily hide cords, match your decor and offer a range of compartments for more than a simple game system. 

2. The library

A home library doesn't have to cost the earth, nor does it have to be professionally installed. Here in this living room, the KALLAX features prominently, offering a space for vinyl records and books, as well as a neat shelf for the occupants to lean their chic artworks. 

3. The wardrobe

Do you need more wardrobe space? The handy Ikea shelf can definitely improve your organisation, in addition to ensuring your garments are categorised and easy to locate. 

If of course you need a little professional assistance in building a completely new dressing room or robe, you can find an expert designer via the homify platform. Head over here and check it out!

4. The office organiser

Is your office looking a little worse for wear? Do your papers and filing system spew out papers into your working area and cause an array of clutter? If the answer is yes then you should consider some extra storage. Sure we all know the KALLAX works well as a shelf for books, but it can also assist by offering a space for boxes of papers, folders, and other workspace accessories. 

5. The entrance helper

Entrances are commonly messy places in the home. When we enter we take our shoes and jackets off, generally leaving them in the way of the door. With the shelf system placed neatly by the entrance, one can simply add their shoes, mail or clothing to a compartment, keeping the front door space clean and organised. 

6. The child’s room divider

A child's room looks perfect when decorated neatly and brightly. This example shoes us how the KALLAX shelf can be implemented as a room divider, while also including plenty of space for toys, clothing and other baby accessories.

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Do you have any other uses for the KALLAX shelf? Add your ideas below!

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