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Furniture designers are a restless lot – always looking for the next big idea, killer concept, magical material, and novel form. For us, as consumers, this means it can be hard to keep up with developments in furniture design. Form, structure, function and material are constantly shifting as designers push the horizons of the possible. Ideas bloom, and before you know it they're the next big thing. To keep you in the loop, we've rounded up some novel, high-concept furniture designs featured here on homify – stick with us, and you won't ever have to fear you're missing out again!

Wood and plastic

Plastic Nature is a furniture concept from Pelidesign. The idea was to fuse hand-made wooden furniture with industrial, injection-moulded plastic furniture; connecting the two worlds of furniture design and manufacture. The wooden legs 'flow' into the plastic elements on the seat and seat back, and the 'splash' effect of the plastic on the wood is a side-effect of the two materials flowing into each other. For the chair's designer, this would remind anyone who views the chair that plastic is a liquid, and not just a solid. Where wood is static, plastic is reconfigurable; just melt it down and recast it. A playful design for a high-minded concept. 

Diamond sink

From Un-Real Studios comes the Diamond sink, a novel re-interpretation of what you likely have in your bathroom right now. Straight-edged geometric shapes combine to make the sink bowl, and the plug hole is created where two of the edges overlap, with a gap, at the bottom. A multi-faceted design – quite literally – which will make you look again at the standard bowl with a hole that is most sink design. 

Novel handle

The Evon door handle is made of sheet metal, ergonomically designed and cut to comfortably fit the hand and deliver an effortless downward motion. Minimal and elegant, these handles will make you think again about the importance of door handles – a home feature that's often overlooked, but which is in constant use. 

Recycle in style

Another area of the house, another design object. This one will help you keep order in your kitchen, and also help the environment. The Differbin is designed to make recycling easy: no more excuses about not having enough space in your kitchen for different bins! Made from steel and aluminium, each 'bin' can hold 25 litres of material. The design is available as a two-bin or three-bin tower. Each bin can pivot around the central pole, so you can line them up, or spread them out, depending on your needs and your space.

Steel balloons

First shown at the Young Creative Polish Designers exhibition in 2009, the Plopp stool has become a bit of an icon. It has a unique, playful, almost toy-like shape. This comes from the methods used to form it – a method called FIDU. FIDU involves welding two ultra-thin sheets of steel together at their edges, and then inflating them under high pressure to create a kind of steel balloon. This production method allows for mass production of very individual shapes that are light, but extremely durable. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the German Design Council award and the Forum AID Award, these stools take our understanding of steel as a material for furniture manufacture to another level. 

Futuristic mirrors

The TAFLA mirror series from Polish design and architecture firm Zieta Prozessdesign is entirely made from highly-polished metal. Made using the same FIDU technique as the Plopp stool, the process of inflation creates different, unique shapes that look fluid, but are highly durable and firm. The shapes are dynamic, almost bionic; futuristic and retro both at the same time. We're reminded very slightly of the film Alien, for some reason, but in a good way! 

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