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向山建築設計事務所 Modern living room
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If you love the combination of rich golden wooden tones and super crisp whites, then you really need to see this home. It's a spacious corner apartment with generous terraces that run along two sides of the living areas. Of course, it enjoys lots of natural light and this serves to highlight the stunning contrasts between the dark wood and bright whites.

It may be an apartment, but the generous proportions, terraces and layout give it the feel of a free-standing home. But it's better to explore in photos, so let's go on a photo tour!

Finally, we should add that it comes to us courtesy of Japanese architects Mukoyama.

The perfect combination of wood and white

The home has some dark antique wooden furniture that adds some old world character to the decor. But these touches are sparse and the main living areas are furnished in white. One point of interest here is the wooden trim that runs along the wooden bench and the half wall to the left. This wall forms the boundaries of the entrance area. Note how the reduced size allows light to flow throughout the home.

Integrated kitchen and living room

The apartment has an open plan layout and the kitchen is located in the very centre. The kitchen is normally the heart of most homes, so it's an apt location. It's interesting to see how the layout means that the kitchen also enjoys views of the balcony. This emphasises the connection with the outdoors and has a huge impact on the sense of spaciousness in the home. Finally, have a look at the raised wooden breakfast bench that runs around the perimeter of the kitchen bench. A wooden dining area is always a good earthy touch.

Smart use of narrow space

The corridor or hallway here has an unusual layout. To the right we have a glass-walled bathroom and a shallow vanity. Blinds offer some privacy and give the area some natural light. It might have been more space efficient to build the bathroom right to the boundaries of the home, but that would have interrupted the flow of the home. A wraparound terrace like this is a precious feature and the architects have clearly sought to make the most of it.

Glass-walled bathroom

From this angle we get a better view of the glass-walled bathroom. For most people, the first issue might be privacy. But this is a large apartment built for a couple and there are some blinds on the external windows. It's interesting to see how the neutral bathroom tiles and fine finishes make this bathroom blend seamlessly into the larger decor of the home.

Outdoor terrace

The unique features of the building meant that the wooden terrace needed to be elevated on one side. The internal and exterior areas may be of different heights, but the width and line of the wooden floors are similar and this creates some continuity between the two areas. This helps direct our attention outward towards the precious balcony.

Customised cabinetry

The home has a few quirks and variations in the walls. These however have been minimised by the used of an all-white decor. The storage cabinets have also been built-into the walls and have very small handles. This adds to the bright, minimalist decor of the home. Finally, have a look at the very foreground of this photo. The entrance has a small step down that almost resembles a Japanese style genkan area.

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What do you think of the glass-walled bathroom?

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