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7 modern mini-kitchens for inspiration

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Modern kitchen by sandra marchesi architetto Modern
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If you have a truly tiny kitchen and think that there is little you can do with it, think again! We love a mini-kitchen and think they offer plenty of scope for amazing design, ingenious solutions and funky touches and to prove that to you, we have found seven amazing examples! Kitchen planners are constantly making so much more of small kitchens that we hope you will be inspired to follow suit and inject some serious functionality and fun into your own, once you've checked out these terrific spaces!

1. Up against the wall.

Wow! This might not be a large kitchen, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in terms of style and a clever layout! Utilising one stretch of wall, there is plenty of counter space, even with an integrated ceramic hob, but it's the two-tone cabinets that are the real genius here! By making the top cupboards lighter, a double row doesn't look imposing or claustrophobic, yet still offers all the storage potential of a far larger room!

2. Creative in the corner.

Kitchen Modern kitchen by homify Modern



Now this is a clever little kitchen! By keeping all the cabinets gloss white, they simply disappear into the walls and become almost invisible, allowing for plenty of top cupboards and with lighting set into the bottoms, they won't overshadow the worktop either. A simple breakfast bar set-up adds fabulous dining potential and yet more storage, while the stools inject a little colour too! 

3. Hidden and helpful.

Studio apartments that are struggling for space can really learn a thing or two from this kitchen! Hidden away in a cupboard, when you need to whip up a tasty meal, everything you need is to hand, but when a simple and unfussy living room is wanted, simply close the doors and forget that it's there! Built-in shelving and cubby holes are perfectly equipped to stash crockery and cookware in and there's even enough room for a slimline dishwasher!

4. Bold and bright!

Part of a small open-plan home, the way this kitchen has been set apart from the rest of the space is inspiring! We love the bold splash of colour that clearly marks out where the kitchen begins and ends and a small square island is the ultimate flourish! Offering enough worktop to be functional and being deep enough to also double up as a dining table, a lot has been packed in here! The shelves in front of the bar stools would be ideal for cookery books or daily-use crockery too!

5. Keep it cream.

Little Cream Kitchen Classic style kitchen by Hallwood Furniture Classic
Hallwood Furniture

Little Cream Kitchen

Hallwood Furniture

Using white to make a small room look and feel bigger is a well-known technique, but not everybody loves the cool tone, so this cream kitchen is a gorgeous variation on the theme. Finished in a more traditional style, we love how a variety of cabinets, drawers and freestanding appliances have made the best use of the space. Just look how seamless the extractor housing is too! Who said that small can't be beautiful and functional?

6. Ultimate simplicity.

Everything you need and nothing you don't seems to be the underlying thinking behind this gorgeous little kitchen! With stealthy storage elsewhere, it really is a case of sticking to the basics in this space, but the addition of a pretty accent wall colour prevents the installation from looking too unimaginative. That sage green really does add a sense of purpose and authority!

7. Tiny but beautifully tiled.

There can be a temptation to go really understated with a small kitchen, but we think this space is all the inspiration you'll need to include some colour! A simple and functional L-shaped installation, this kitchen is kept uncluttered and unfussy to maintain the usability and while cabinets could have been continued around the other wall, we love that a dining area was chosen instead. Just look at how much the floor freshens up the room too and lends itself to accent colours that have been pulled through into the dining chairs!

For even more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 16 delicious white kitchens to steal your heart.

Which of these examples has given you some great ideas to copy?
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