6 chic and simple entrance halls for you to copy

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土間リビングの家, FCD FCD Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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If you're fortunate enough to have a gloriously open home entrance that envelops you as soon as you step through the front door, then good for you! Are you doing enough with it though? If you see it as a purely transitional hallway and not worth your time, design-wise, then you might be missing a golden opportunity for creating a unique and totally staggering space! We thought you might enjoy seeing what other people have done with their open hallways, so took a look at what some interior designers have been creating for their clients and we think you'll be as impressed as we are! Each and every example here has some fabulous motifs and touches that you could copy in your home, so let's waste no more time talking and start looking!

1. A materials medley.

This open hallway is absolutely incredible, thanks to the use of beautiful natural materials everywhere and a quiet reverence for the outside view too! By choosing to have the entire rear façade finished in glass, you can forget that you are inside a house and with slate floor tiles, wooden flooring and beautiful plants all working together to welcome you, this is amazing!

2. Step up!

土間リビングの家, FCD FCD Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

The design of this entrance is exceptionally clever, as despite the fact that you walk into a breathtaking large open-plan room, there is a definite division in place, thanks to the step! Transitioning from polished concrete to wood lets you know exactly which part of the home you're in and we can't deny that we really like that blackboard wall too! What a great way to remind yourself about important things before you walk out of the door!

3. Complementary contrasts.

Wow! The dark wood flooring here looks absolutely amazing, especially against the vivid white walls! With the flooring laid in a linear formation, it really draws you into the home and just look at that indoor garden display as well! Simple design has never looked so engaging, clever or stylish! 

4. One for the petrolheads.

Now we don't necessarily assume that you all have a handful of sports cars just laying around with nothing to do, but seeing this entrance doubled up as a showy garage area does get us to thinking! Great for ensuring the security of your vehicles, we think this could be mimicked with anything, even bicycles! It IS a natural display area, after all!

5. Designed to dumbfound and delight!

When you've got a staircase that is nothing short of a mind-bending optical illusion, it makes perfect sense that it becomes the centre of your entrance focus! You really wouldn't need anything else in place, as guests will be busy trying to work out how the cantilevered installation works! WE'RE still trying to figure this one out, as well as how such a simple look can be so complex and pretty!

6. All about the floor.

This open entrance is utterly delightful, thanks to such a focus being placed on the floor and including as many different coverings as possible. The real genius, is that none of them look too busy or out of place! From tiles, to laminate, real wood and finally, cushioned floor pads, this is a textural treat as much as it is a design win! All the glass in place makes it feel enormous too! Wow!

For more entrance inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 15 ideas for your home's entrance.

Which of these entrances are you inspired by?

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