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For many individuals, the domestic workspace is an ideal place to take a little time out from the monotony of the regular work office, finish some extra tasks, all while relaxing in comfort and style. Home offices can be a wonderful addition to a dwelling. They allow individuals to spend a little extra time with their family, as well as providing a convenient and flexible area to catch up for the coming day's work. But how does one create a home office that actually works? And why are some workspaces more effective and harmonious than others? 

Today on homify we are taking a look at a few different ways you can improve your study, and ensure it is maximally productive. There is no one 'secret' to achieving harmony, it is a collection of different factors that improve the overall aesthetic, and in turn impart a sense of peacefulness. If you need some handy pointers, check out the images below, and reorganise your workspace today!

Accessorise wisely

Accessories, everyone loves them, and more often than not, everybody has far too many of them in their home office. Accessories, accoutrements and study appurtenances can add a huge amount of character and inspiration to a home office when used in moderation. Depending on your profession, you should choose pieces that work to enhance your space, imparting positivity and harmony within the room. 

Here in this example we see a crisp white desk in a minimal room, which has been beautifully designed to create a stylish and eye-catching space. The overall appearance of this workspace is bright, with well-chosen pictures to add a sense of colour and inspiration. There is a bright retro desk lamp, and this is paired with other colourful accessories. Although this might look cluttered for some individuals, it is actually a thoughtful and considered approach, which is both harmonious within its environment, as well as practically usable. Finally, one of the best inclusions within this space are the wire storage baskets. These items from Korbo, are ideal for numerous uses, and look fabulous as waste paper recepticles, or holders for rolls of paper; they are a functional and stylish addition to this workspace.

Ensure you have enough storage

A cluttered home office is the first step towards chaos and discord within the domestic space. If your room is messy, then undoubtedly the work you produce will be messy too. Avoid mistakes, and unwanted errors, by cleaning up your study and workspace. Storage is the key to office harmony, and can easily be added to completely transform a space from slovenly and sloppy, to simple and spotless. 

In this example we see a gorgeous workspace that has wonderfully utilised its blank wall space to add custom joinery. These cupboards are fitted in an L-shape, and provide room for all manner of office goods. Additionally, a comfortable sofa has been employed to offer a comfortable alternative to the desk, and a fabulous place to sit and read. 

Include textures and tones

Textures and tones can revolutionise a room, and modify a space that is boring or dull into a fabulous space of colour, and inspiration. Even if you are someone who prefers simple and sleek, perhaps even minimalist interiors, you can work with texture and tone to create a unique workspace. 

Here in this example we see how timber tones have been paired with a crisp white palette. Texture is seen throughout, from the rustic timber ceiling beams, to the chic mid-century modern desk. Finally, the velvet magenta sofa is beautifully coordinated with twin vintage mirrors that add a sense of style and panache. This room boasts plenty of shelving for storage, and a welcoming blend of neutral, earthy, and rich tones. 

Choose a good desk

The desk is a crucial piece of office equipment. With so much attention given to choosing an ergonomic and sophisticated chair, the desk is often forgotten. However, without a functioning desk, the office would cease to exist. To maximise your office space harmony, you should choose a piece of furniture that appeals to both your style, and also more practical aspects within the room. It should be the right size, not too large to cram the space, but not too small to be inconvenient, and work as a functional item within the room. 

Here we see a sleek black desk that beautifully blends in with the surrounding rich décor. The colour scheme is dark, yet earthy, evoking a calm and conscientious ambience. 

Sit in front of a window

Windows are great for many reasons. Firstly they provide us with that much needed illumination to create a welcoming and functional room. Secondly, they offer a view to the outside world. Whether that view is of the next door neighbour's garden area, or a fabulous city skyline, you are sure to be offered an interesting and different scene than the décor within your four walls. 

If you are lucky enough to have a well-placed window in your home office, considering changing the position of your desk to maximise the light and vision beyond. Here we see a stylish workspace that has followed this mantra. The desk is well illuminated, and is offered an inspirational glimpse to the outside world. 

Make the most of your space

There is nothing worse than a home office that has been packed to the brim with furniture, accessories, and other ornamentation. Essentially, to create a functional and enjoyable workspace, you need to design the area for its size. Knowing the limitations of a room is the first step. If you have a colossal space, then by all means buy that large freestanding bankers desk with twin leather upholstered armchairs, but if you only have a tiny hallway alcove, consider something your alternatives. In this example we see a stylish multi-purpose item that doubles as storage, with a fold-down laptop space. A desk and workspace such as this is perfect if you are have compact domestic areas, and cannot afford to utilise the extra area for a large or spacious study. 

Shelf space is crucial

As we have already mentioned, storage space is a key component within an organised and well-designed workspace. Additionally, an organised office is harmonious, and helps to impart a sense of calm and serenity. One quick and easy way to ensure your home is stylish and functional, is to install some shelving. Shelving can take the form of simple standalone furniture, or you may opt for a more permanent built-in design. Whichever you choose, having a place to keep things neat, tidy and off of the floor is a step towards office harmony. 

Ensure you have a good filing system

Last, but most certainly not lease we come to filing. Filing is a bore, a chore, and for most people, a highly undesirable task. However, a well-filed office space will add to the overall organisation of the study, and in turn, its harmonious atmosphere. The best way to ensure your papers are filed and taken care of, is to buy good equipment. A strong filing system will offer a timeless sense of functionality and organisation. 

Whether you use a small system such as this example above, or opt for comprehensive joinery, once you have everything in order, you will have taken the first step towards tranquillity and peace within the workspace.

We hope that helped inspire you to rethink or reorganise your home office, if you would like to see more, check out: Your simple guide to home office productivity

Do you have any other handy tips or tricks for our homify community? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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