8 ways to light up and prepare your home for Diwali!

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Diwali—a five day ancient festival extravaganza of illuminated displays, vibrant colours, and a symbolic victory of light over darkness, or essentially good over evil. This year, as calculated according to the position of the moon relative to the Hindu lunar calendar, Diwali, also known as Deepawali, falls on Wednesday November 11. As one of the largest and brightest festivals, this spiritually significant event is a feast for the senses, and a time of rebirth and renewal. 

In Singapore, this holiday is observed by the Indian community of Tamils and Hindus, with the Little India district transforming into a strikingly dynamic blend of colour and activity. New clothes are purchased, presents are gifted, and offerings presented for Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. During this five day period, individuals are encouraged to rid their surroundings of bad and negative spirits, cleansing themselves of any nefarious shadows or souls. Light is used throughout one's abode to usher in new beginnings, as well as create a fresh ambience. The preparation is a family affair, bringing together different generations, and imparting positive energy within the home. 

If you haven't already prepared your home's lighting display, take a look at the images below for a little inspiration. However, if you find yourself well-prepared for this years five day Festival of Lights, check out some of the examples, and secure some ideas for the coming year. 

Add tea light candles for a dramatic effect

Tea light illumination- the under-appreciated hero of candles. These tiny torches pack a huge decorative punch, and look fabulous in any area of the home. When we think of candles, we often want long, large, or impressive smelling, and rarely do we give tea light candles the honour they deserve. 

Perfect for within lanterns, floating in water, or simply upon a tabletop, tea lights are effortlessly brilliant. The key to making your tea light candles shine (pardon the pun) is to employ a generous number of them. With tea light candles 'more is certainly more'! Buy up big with these small yet impressive items, and your home is guaranteed to look superb. 

Make the house smell great

Paddywax Apothecary Candles Rooi Living roomAccessories & decoration

Paddywax Apothecary Candles


As well as looking bright, lively, and inviting, your home needs to smell great too! Impart a rich and welcoming aroma with scented and aromatherapy candles. Not only will their subtle light enchant and enthral, but they will fill your domestic spaces with whimsical scents and perfumes. 

Visit your local shopkeeper to purchase some gorgeous scented illumination. With so many different varieties on the market you will simple need to decide the bouquet and perfume you desire. 

DIY jar decoration ideas

Before and during Diwali, it is common practice to involve the entire family in many activities in preparing the home for the five day event. If you are looking for a fabulous project to undertake, consider some DIY lanterns. A do-it-yourself activity can attract all ages, and make for some fabulous memories, as well as practically illuminating your abode. 

Here in this example we see some stylish jar lanterns that have different interiors and contents. Some are filled with water, and others pebbles. Visit your local craft store to get some supplies for a festive and exciting household project. 

Sparkle and shine with frosted pendant lighting

Frost pendant at dusk close up landscape The Lighting Store Dining roomLighting
The Lighting Store

Frost pendant at dusk close up landscape

The Lighting Store

Sometimes all you need is a single light to add a sense of mood, character, and energy to a space. A statement pendant light can add a sense of magnificence, beauty, and work effortlessly within any area of the home. 

This gorgeous pendant light truly sparkles, and brings a sense of glory to the garden it is within. The frosty finish spreads the light further, and ensures it is an eye-catching focal point for your abode. If you need help choosing a stylish statement light, contact a professional to ensure you get the design you envisage. 

Light up your outdoor garden

Lighting up one's home is a key consideration when decorating and renewing the house for Diwali. Although you may put lights anywhere within your dwelling, a perfect place to begin is in the garden. A well-lit garden is a beautiful place to allow the family to gather, as well as a space that is often overlooked during renovations or refurbishments. 

Here in this example we see a gorgeous tropical oasis-style garden that adds mesmerising lights and a spectacular welcoming atmosphere. Here the lights have been affixed to posts that reflect a subtle glow upon the abundant plants and reflective surfaces. This enchanting design is a perfect start for the Festival of Lights. 

Decorate your Pooja room with Tanjore Paintings

Precious Tanjore paintings and Kerala murals SHEEVIA INTERIOR CONCEPTS ArtworkPictures & paintings

Precious Tanjore paintings and Kerala murals


During Diwali, your Pooja room must look exceptionally glorious. This prayer space is located within every home, and can be decorated in many ways, but should be clean, appropriately lit, and designed in a traditional way. 

Consider Tanjore Paintings to brighten and enlighten your space. This classically South Indian painting style is characterised by rich, flat, and vivid colours. Often they also contain gold, inlay of glass beads, or perhaps even precious gems. Combined with candles, and soft lighting, your Pooja room will shine and reflect these stunning paintings. 

Create mood lighting

During Diwali it is especially important to create a welcoming and bright mood. In order to flush the domicile of its evil spirits, light must be carefully implemented and employed. As well as offering this traditional function, light will also enhance you living spaces, and create a hospitable area for the entire family to gather and socialise. 

In this example we see a great illustration of how to impart a soft and inviting mood upon an outdoor space. Lights have been employed within the trees, as well as outdoor illumination that adds style and life. During this festival many people spend a large amount of time outdoors and late into the night. Ensure your space is equipped for the Festival of Lights with a well maintained, and light-filled outdoor space. 

Add colour with pompons

Pom Pom Garlands hanging in the garden PomPom Galore Eclectic style garden
PomPom Galore

Pom Pom Garlands hanging in the garden

PomPom Galore

Finally, the colour! Colour is a key part of this celebration, and can add style, panache, and flair to your home. If you are wondering how you can simply inject a little vibrancy, check out these pompom garlands. Pompoms are a brilliant and easy domestic addition that can be draped over many different household items. Whether you decide to decorate your garden, living room, or entrance, these bright pompoms will enliven and enhance your dwelling. 

We hope that our Ideabook inspired some creativity for your Diwali celebrations! Check out 'The homify guide to porch lighting' if you would like to continue reading.

Is your home well prepared for the five day Festival of Lights? We’d love to hear how you decorated your dwelling in the comments below!

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