12 brilliant ideas for a dream laundry space

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A well-equipped laundry room is a must for any busy household, with many people choosing to turn small spare rooms into a more useful space. But do you know how to go about creating one? Interior designers have been seeing a dramatic increase in the number of clients that are looking for a perfectly curated, practical installation and with that in mind, we have found 12 amazing projects that we think will give you all the inspiration and style points that you need to create something similar. Take a look at some of our all-time favourite laundry rooms and see which ones would look great in your home!

1. Simple and elegant.

The neutral colours and practical flooring choice in this laundry room are fantastic and will have certainly made the job of running a household far simpler. Adding a worktop above the machine sis a great idea, as that will help with clean laundry folding and sorting.

2. Plenty of storage.

With detergents and accessories to house, we really think that this laundry room has cornered the market in terms of useful storage, thanks to the brightly coloured cabinet in place. A simple mobile kitchen island has been perfectly repurposed to offer extra work space too!

3. Small but effective.

If you can't spare an entire room for your laundry duties, take a leaf from this wonderful installation's book! A simple closet has been filled with hanging space and even a handy sink, which will really take the chore out of doing the family's washing.

4. Great use of space.

If you have an awkwardly-shaped room in your home that you don't know what to do with, a laundry room could be the perfect solution. Here, we see plenty of machines being housed and the opposite wall has doubled up as a handy walk-in pantry too.

5. Great colour choices.

Laundry Room Clean Design Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Clean Design

Laundry Room

Clean Design

A laundry room doesn't have to always prioritise function over style, as this amazing space demonstrates. By choosing contrasting black machines, there is a striking monochrome theme going on and it looks so well thought out. The ample cupboard space is a real bonus too.

6. Fit it where you can.

Transforming a boiler cupboard into a small laundry space could be a great way to free up some extra room in your kitchen or bathroom and all you really need is a washing machine and a drying rack. How simple is that? We do love the colour coordinated items here, which add a little more style!

7. Hidden away.

Not everyone will want their machines out on show and we understand that, so we think this pretty little room is inspiring! By hiding bulky machines out of sight, behind shaker-style cabinets, there is an illusion that this is just an extra handy space, filled with storage. The ironing table is a great addition as well.

8. For small homes.

A built-in cupboard unit could be all you need to create a useful laundry space, which means that even tiny homes can have one! Hide machines away and add shelving, in order to stack and fold clean clothes neatly and you're done! 

9. Use the height.

Wow! We never thought about raising our machines up off the floor, but now that we see it in action, it makes perfect sense! No more breaking your back when it comes to loading and unloading and shit the cupboard doors and they're gone! The washing baskets underneath will certainly make sorting a load a lot easier too.

10. Technology haven.

If you love having all the latest and greatest gadgets, you should definitely consider a laundry room! Use timer plugs to run your machine sat the most economical times, add good lighting and you'll have a room that is cool enough to show guests, rather than hiding it away.

11. Get organised.

Busy family homes create the most washing and if you seem to waste hours on end sorting through dirty clothes, you need a really well organised laundry room, like this one. With countless laundry baskets in place, everyone will be able to sort their own washing for you and then it's just  case of switching on the machine!

12. Cordon off an area.

If you have a sizeable kitchen, then this could be a great option for you! Instead of dedicating a whole room to your laundry needs, section off a part of your kitchen and add some chic sliding doors to hide away all of your machines and laundry accessories. So simple!

For extra home organisation tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 7 great examples of functional workspaces.

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