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An L-shaped home design presents an excellent, cost-efficient opportunity to work around the challenges of a building site. That extra wing could be used to provide extra privacy on one side of the home, make the most of the natural sunlight or create a sort of boundary around a small front garden.

But we have seen few L-shaped homes with the level of complexity we'll explore today. Korean architects, Naver, have stretched out the proportions of this L-shaped home to create an extremely elongated dwelling. It's the layout that really has us excited with this one! Let's have a look inside…

L-shaped design

The L-shaped home is a single, modest structure, and as we'll see, it's a good example of how you can create a very innovative design without necessarily building a huge or lavish structure. It has two wings with lots of long narrow windows. These form the walls of a long corridor running along the edge of the home. The exterior is white, but there are lots of rich ochre tones in the wooden deck and brick feature wall. This side of the home receives a lot of sunlight, but also acts as a privacy barrier and wind break.

Private entrance

From this angle we can see the rather private entrance and wooden deck. It's simply designed, but the combination of wood and brick gives it some earthy variety. The side of the home with the brick walls is used for private sleeping and living areas. The rooms open onto their own private deck and we will soon see, it feels almost like a home split in two.

Unique hallway

The unique corridor or hallway is light and friendly, with a sort of Scandinavian-style decor. A hallway or passageway is generally best left quite clear, so the designers have turned the windows into a real decorative feature. It's interesting to see how the window frames have been extended outward and also function as shallow display shelves.

High peaked roof

Here we have two different views of the kitchen. On the right we can see the point where the kitchen meets the hallway. The room is quite an elongated shape, but it's generously proportioned. An important element in the bright, airy ambience here is the ceiling. Note how the unusual modern lights draw the eye up towards the ceiling that rises to a peak. The kitchen fittings are simple, functional and would easily suit a small kitchen.

Unique layout

The home is arranged so the sleeping areas are all located to the right of this passageway. This creates an instant barrier between the private and public areas of the home. It also serves to shield the occupants from the noise and disruption of the street frontage.

Tiny elegant washroom

Let's finish our tour with this tiny elegant washroom. This washroom or bathroom, is incredibly small, but it still has that slightly experimental feel about it. This is a home that shows how even the most modest home can be really different if you play around with the proportions. 

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Can you imagine living here?

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