15 ways to create a calm little corner in your home

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Cosy, snug areas in the home are such a valuable addition, as they let you cordon off a few private spaces for some peace and quiet. But if you don't know how to go about creating some in your home, we have some great ideas for you, right here! Interior designers are incredibly adept at seeing the potential for a cosy corner or an inset reading nook, so we've found some of our favourite installations and brought them all together to show you today. We think you'll be really surprised at the locations that can work for a little extra cosiness and privacy, so let's take a look!

1. Box in your bed.

We all know that your bed is the most snuggly and cosy part of the home, but how about upping the ante by adding screen doors, to really box yourself in?

2. Use dead space.

What a way to make your hallway offer more! Building a reading nook into the wall is such a good call and you can't deny how incredible it looks either!

3. Under-stair haven.

Need a cosy little spot for taking care of some household admin? Then get the under-stairs area converted into a hidden mini office! So cute and cosy!

4. Kitchen comfort.

The heart of the home, it makes perfect sense to create a comfortable seating area in your kitchen. What a way to all interact together, but with plenty of comfort.

5. A playhouse bed!

Your little ones will always enjoy feeling safe and enclosed and this charming little bed, that looks like a lovely wooden playhouse! It's a one-stop cosy spot!

6. Corner creativity.

Got a few dark corners in your home? Don't bemoan the lack of light when you can use the cosy ambience to your advantage! A lovely home office is a fantastic idea, as you can add task lighting.

7. Add some curtains.

We love this loft walk-in wardrobe, that feels all the more pretty and cosy thanks to the addition of some curtains! Withe the natural wood beams in place, this feels like a secret space!

8. Be creative!

A cosy spot doesn't have to be a dark or boring one, as this lovely under-bed sofa area proves! Bright and funky, it's perfect for teens that want a little privacy.

9. Functional and cosy.

What a charming little laundry spot! Given how relaxing ironing and folding can be, we really like the creation of a special and cosy little laundry room here. Add a radio and it would be perfect!

10. Wow-factor window seat.

If you have bay windows in your home, you have a great opportunity for adding some seating and comfy cushions. Window seats are absolutely super for reading and people-watching!

11. Create a room.

We love this idea, as it is so space-savvy! Instead of having a great expanse of wall, build a large niche and insert a handy little office space into it! It looks so cosy!

12. Use natural wood!

Nothing creates a cosy and warm ambience quite as well as natural wood, so if you have a spot earmarked for a comfortable little set-up, consider cladding it! 

13. make space.

You don't need an actual room to set up a cosy little nook, as cushions can work wonders. Add a few floor cushions to a corner or step and you'll soon see just how comfortable you can be!

14. Use awkward spaces.

Rooms that have no use as a functional space can make for a fabulous cosy nook, as you don't need to be able to stand up! Make the floor soft and comfortable, add some pretty lighting and you have a perfect chill out zone.

15. Don't forget your furry friends!

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It's not just humans that love a cosy nook, so consider creating a little comfy hidey-hole for your furry friends! Under-stair spaces are perfect for them, if you choose a super squidgy bed!

For extra cosy inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Cosy textiles for cold winter nights.

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