11 wall ideas that have the power to transform your home

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When we think of our home’s walls, we often associate them with blank canvases that are utilised as something to place furniture against, or perhaps hang an art collection. However, walls can offer so much more! Updating your walls can be undertaken relatively inexpensively and will add a huge aesthetic impact to your dwelling’s overall atmosphere and ambience.

Today on homify we’re going to take a look at 11 wall designs that have the power to transform your home. From textured eye-catching effects to rustic exposed stone, there is definitely something to suit everyone and their abode. Have we piqued your interest? Read on below to learn more…

1. Terrific timber effects

Enhanced by 3D timber, this feature wall definitely makes a statement. Sophisticated yet earthy, the designers have opted to include this standout wall in an entrance/hall space, proving you can improve your dwelling even in the most unlikely of spaces.

2. Embracing faux stone

Faux stone is inexpensive and provides your home with a sense of rustic romance and earthiness. Sensuous and original, this composite stone can be added to a range of different locations and spaces – if you’re unsure where to begin, or if your area is suitable, chat to a professional here!

3. Bright and eye-catching

2017 is going to be a big year for pink hues. Add this colour to one of your walls and watch the space transform into an attention grabbing central space and gathering point.

4. 3D effects

Feature walls needn’t be flat in texture, quite the contrary – 3D patterns and motifs offer depth in a particular space, as well as drawing the eye away from less desirable areas within the room.

5. Graphic wall murals

Hungry yet? The colour red is thought to induce your appetite, which is perfect for culinary spaces such as a kitchen. In this room the designers have opted to include a digital graphic of strawberries that are both enticing and ideal as a waterproof backsplash.

6. Exposing brickwork

Sometimes instead of adding something to a wall you can actually remove something to make it enticing and exciting. In this room the render has been ripped off to reveal the rustic-industrial brickwork, which looks fabulously raw and urbane.

7. Edgy industrial concrete

Concrete is definitely a go-to wall coating for that truly industrial, edgy and urbane aesthetic. The good thing is, it’s super easy to create a concrete ‘look’, while many homes already have this underneath their existing coats of paint and only need to be scoured back.

8. The perfect DIY

Fancy yourself a DIYer? If you’re looking for something to do over the weekend, why not try your hand at creating an exciting wall feature. Take your cues from this example that employs cut-out shapes to infuse the bedroom with a refreshed and renewed ambience.

9. Going green

A green wall is easier than you think! With a range of wall templates and setups, all you need to do is hang the guides and water, for a room filled with fun foliage. The benefits don’t end there either, plants will purify your air and ensure you dwelling is detoxified and fabulous!

10. Wondrous wallpaper

Wallpaper has come a long way in the last decade, and during its renaissance has been transformed into a range of impressive colours, styles and options. Choose something unique and opt for a room-transforming pattern or motif.

11. Educational and exciting

U2 Walls & flooringWallpaper

Add an educational twist to any room of your home by incorporating a little cartography. Hang maps or wallpaper that is sure to impress and delight!

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