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9 one-room apartments to help you design yours

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As far as domestic interior design goes, one-room apartments top the list in terms of difficulty and challenges. However lacking space in your home needn’t mean you have to put up with a cloistered or chaotic abode. Innovative and creative thinking can drastically improve your studio dwelling, and we’re going to show you how! We’ve gathered 9 one-room apartments that have been set up to maximise their space and improve the general ambience and atmosphere.

From employing sleek dividers to repositioning the different elements within your home, there are plenty of tips and tricks that are sure to improve your cramped apartment. Are you ready to take a look? Let’s check out these properties in more detail below…

1. Stylish, sophisticated and super-tiny!

Our first one-room apartment shows us that you don’t need a lot of space to create a stylish and sophisticated interior. Bursting with tips to glean for your own abode, we particularly like the in-built television cabinet and bar, along with the sheer curtain dividers for the bedroom.

2. Add a loft

Adding a loft is a must-do if you have the space to spare. Adding to your floor plan, a mezzanine will contribute extra storage area, or even sleeping quarters that leave your apartment free for living and entertaining.

3. Consider smart room dividers

Even if your home is only one room you can easily divide it for privacy using smart room segregation. Take your cues from this example that offers a handy temporary wall to separate the dining and bed space.

4. Wonderfully opulent

Just because your home is small doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious! This one-room dwelling boasts everything one might need in a stylish and sophisticated package.

5. Utilise odd corners and nooks

When you have limited space to work with you need to get creative with your storage. Look at bespoke joinery, customised units and make the most of any nooks and crevices, as well as ceiling space to store your household items.

6. Be creative with your furniture

Pull-out beds have come a long way in recent years. This example shows us that creative furniture doesn’t need to look bad, and can add value to your home as well.

7. Employ multipurpose items

Unique items such as this wall-mounted desk and shelf system are ideal for small spaces, and add versatility as well as style. If you need assistance choosing certain items, you can always chat to a designer and make sure your home is expertly decorated.

8. Reduce clutter

Reducing clutter is essential in ensuring your studio apartment retains a chic and sleek ambience. If the room is full of junk and domestic mess, you’ll find the overall atmosphere is chaotic and unpleasant. Do yourself a favour and de-clutter today!

9. Go modular!

Modular items customised to your home can definitely increase perceived space. Choose pieces that offer a definite purpose and opt for bespoke or personalised pieces where possible.

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