Corridor, hallway by Hispalcerámica

12 unique ways to use coloured tiles in your home

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Coloured tiles can add a huge amount of warmth and character to any home. They are generally the place to explore really dense, exotic designs or add some much needed accent colour to a room. But of course, tiles are oh-so-difficult to remove if they aren’t quite right, and a subtle design can look surprisingly strong when it covers a large space.

So today, we will explore 12 distinct ways to use coloured tiles in your home. We'll cover the pros and cons of floor tiles, wall tiles and feature tiles. They'll definitely get you thinking about how to use coloured tiles in a new way!

1. Tiny floral floor tiles design

The size of the design can make a big impact in a large space. A pretty small floral design like this looks great when teamed with plain walls. The walls make for a nice calm counterpoint to the business of the floor design.

2. A half wall with Moroccan flourish

 Corridor, hallway by Hispalcerámica

Zócalo azulejos relieve


The dense intricacy of Arabic tile designs can easily overwhelm a space. Here we have a good compromise with a half wall of blue tiles and a simple white upper wall.

3. To add energy to the corridors

 Walls & flooring by Original Features
Original Features

Geometric (Victorian) Tiles

Original Features

A bold geometric tile design adds a lot of energy to a room. This is particularly helpful in a hallway or corridor, because hallways are generally best left quite clear of furnishings and can easily feel a bit empty. 

4. A decorative feature wall

Some tile designs are just so beautiful that you may just want to add them in a small area to create a little feature wall. Neutral or earth-coloured hues are a good choice because they often work in with the base colours in many modern homes.

5. Style up the stairs

Stairways, like hallways and corridors, often need to be kept quite clear of decorations. This is where coloured tiles can come in handy. Often all you need to do is tile up the riser on the stair for a little bit of extra oomph!

6. A jolt of warmth in the bathroom

Bathroom designs can often veer towards being a little too white. The floor is often a good, relatively subdued way to explore a louder design. Try out a combination of Scandinavian or Mediterranean tiles for a really cosy look like this. A scattering of different tiles will generally work together if you find one common line or colour to unify the design. To explore the options, have a look at some of our tile, stone and worktop professionals.

7. A dash of formality with a strong border pattern

The beautiful bold borders of this blue floor tile have been used to really accentuate the lines in this galley-style kitchen. The colours also serve to add some much needed colour and contrast to the room.

8. Black and white checkerboard tiles

Checkerboard tiles have an old world quality to them and add a lot of energy to a room. Monochrome tiles are also quite suited to work against a range of interiors. This is an enduring tile design that could handle a lot of style changes in the room over the years.

9. Bold contrasts against simple white cabinetry

There is nothing worse than clashing patterns! So if you have a gorgeous rustic red floor tile design like this, team it up with super simple white furnishings. The contrast really makes this room pop.

10. Classic rustic red English-style terrace

 Walls & flooring by Original Features
Original Features

Geometric (Victorian) Tiles

Original Features

Tile designs carry an enormous amount of history. This kind of red checkerboard floor tile is traditionally used in classic English homes. Alternatively, you might want to explore ethnic designs from your local area.

11. A bold turquoise colour statement

scandinavian Bathroom by Дизайн студия 'Дизайнер интерьера № 1'
Дизайн студия <q>Дизайнер интерьера № 1</q>

Дизайн проект ванной в современном стиле от Батенькофф в таунхаусе. Поселок Палникс.

Дизайн студия "Дизайнер интерьера № 1"

Tiles can be used, like paint or wallpaper to really define the colour scheme of a room. This turquoise bathroom is certainly a bold choice. 

12. Classic green subway tiles

 Walls & flooring by Alec Buchan
Alec Buchan

Aqua Marine Turquoise Glass Metro Tile Kitchen Splash Back

Alec Buchan

Subway tiles have been enjoying a renaissance for a few years now. The classic rectangular shape has an old world look that works well in kitchens and bathrooms. They are generally laid in an offset pattern.

Now let's look to the stars and have some fun with our next ideabook: A bathroom for every zodiac sign.

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