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Life in Singapore can be fraught with feelings of constriction thanks to its high density, crowded urban centres and cloistered homes. As the world’s only island city-state it boasts a fairly extreme density rate of almost 8000 individuals per square kilometre. This means space comes at a premium, and most citizens reside in rather small, compact abodes. If you’re feeling a little restricted, constricted and confined, you’re going to want to check out today’s feature home. 

Situated near Osaka in Japan, this striking dwelling has been designed by Compas Architects and boasts spectacular views, open spaces and a roomy ambience. Would you like to check out the rest of the home? Read on and grab a few tips for your own home below…

The large rear façade and spectacular windows

The first glimpse we get of this abode is from the rear of the property. This is where the dwelling really shines, with large swathes of glistening glass, stark stucco and a living area that juts out over the hillside. 

The architects of this home have definitely done their homework, working to create a space where individuals feel welcomed yet also luxuriant high nestled within the lush greenery. 

The front entrance and curbside outlook

Heading around the front of the property we see a slightly different image. Like most dwellings that are built on sloping plots, this one has a modest curbside frontage, opting to reveal its extravagance only to those who enter. 

The exterior is private yet welcoming, with amber lights that glow from within, offering enchantment and allure for individuals on the outside. The row of carefully placed conifers breaks up the private front wall and softens the structure against the street. 

A welcoming yet modest entry

As we head inside and towards then entrance we see that timber has been included in both the construction and the fixtures. The front door and overhead beams area warm chestnut hue, flanked either side by pieces of glass that brighten the interior entrance space with natural light. 

Zen-like in its appeal, this area boasts gravel garden beds that are low-maintenance yet also look wonderfully chic. The foliage and plants are simple and easy to look after, additionally softening the rendered walls and ensuring the home is warm and inviting. 

Space, minimalism and sophistication

Upon entering the home we're treated to an entrance hall that is geometric and minimalist. Austere and unfurnished, the space directs one's attention to the end of the corridor, where the large open plan living space is located. 

The light colour scheme keeps things airy and spacious, while the flooring is a darker slate hue, contributing contrast to the overall aesthetic. 

Making the most of the gorgeous city views

Within the large and light-filled living quarters we finally get a glimpse of the impressive views the home is offered. These panoramic scenes ensure this house stands out from the rest, while offering occupants a truly lavish and enjoyable experience. 

Stairs that lead to the lower storey are contained by glass balustrades, which maintain an open and free atmosphere, while large sliding doors lead outside to the impressively sized exterior terrace

A large deck for entertaining

Situated next to the main living room, this timber deck is ideal for the avid entertainer. With a spiral staircase that leads up to the rooftop terrace, this is no ordinary entertaining space. 

The deck itself is well maintained and offers the occupants a space to enjoy a little summer sun, while the manicured greenery softens the industrial fittings and works alongside the timber flooring.  

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