10 feng shui tricks to fill your home with positive energy

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The home should be a place of rest and relaxation – it is your sanctuary and the décor can play a huge role in the success of your desired ambience. Achieving serenity through a sense of style is the perfect path to true tranquillity. When it comes to your interior scheme, a little goes a long way to creating domestic bliss.

Feng shui can actively assist you in establishing positive energy throughout your home, boosting the aura within your living spaces, while reducing negative vibes. We’ve collated 10 tips we believe are the best starting point to ensure your dwelling looks and feels welcoming, while reducing your stress and associated anxiety or tension.

If you’re ready to begin, read on below…

1. Start with the entrance

Start with the entrance to your abode – this is where the energy comes in, and where it should leave. If the room is narrow try to expand it with mirrors. Add flowers and plant life to encourage a welcoming and positive environment.

2. Ventilate and circulate

Fresh air is sure to improve the quality of your living space. Open windows and doors regularly to let a fresh breeze infiltrate all the corners and nooks within your abode.

3. Avoid accumulating too many things in your home

Clutter equals stress, which contributes negatively to your feng shui. Remove unneeded items and open up your space in a refreshed, de-cluttered way.

4. Add a peace lily

Summer Calla Lily Plant Appleyard London Garden Plants & flowers
Appleyard London

Summer Calla Lily Plant

Appleyard London

Peace lilies are ideal for within the home, boosting your positive energy and aura with ease.

5. Salt your new spaces

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Salt Keeper


Salt absorbs everything it touches – this includes bad energy! Sprinkle a few pinches of salt in your new room or home to clean and clear any negative vibes or energies.

6. Decorate with mirrors, but be careful of their placement

Mirrors open up spaces, and increased the perceived room within your home, but they can also reflect negatively on less than desirable items. Avoid placing them directly at doors or unattractive furniture.

7. Look north

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The north is a positive direction in feng shui, and for this reason placing furniture at this angle will impart a good ambience within your space.

8. Get rid of broken objects

Light and bright! CC Construction Classic style living room
CC Construction

Light and bright!

CC Construction

Broken fittings, fixture and furniture equal bad juju – essentially, they promote negative energy, bring down the overall vibe and ambience within your home and make life that little bit trickier every day.

If something isn’t fulfilling its main purpose, aim or objective (read: broken utensils, uncomfortable furniture, or a lock that always sticks) it’s time to repair or replace said item.

9. Burn incense

Odours within your home can have a detrimental effect. Add pleasant aromas and soothe your home by burning incense or essentials oils.

10. Keep your home clean

Professionals know the benefits of a sanitary dwelling, and you should too! A clean home will promote a stress-free ambience and atmosphere. Look at warding off negative energy by setting a cleaning routine, and ensuring you always use natural products free from chemicals.

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