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Today on homify, we have a luxurious modern Asian apartment to show you. As you've no doubt noticed, Asian home design has become increasingly influenced by Scandinavian minimalism, with an emphasis on wooden flooring and white, light-reflecting walls. There's usually some clever thinking and ideas regarding storage and use of floor space, with balconies being included in a lot of properties (such as this one). Block architecture and open-plan design are the order of the day, with terraces and verandas becoming more and more common. Let's have a closer look at a dwelling which includes all of the above…

Block architecture

It may look like a few lego blocks fitted together in a semi-haphazard way, but there is some clever design thinking behind this exterior, which is a perfect example of block architecture and simple-minimalist construction. The upstairs balcony is covered by a protruding roof which will keep the area shaded in the hot summer and dry on those rainy days, meaning it can always be used as a place to relax. Notice this is also the case on the lower-level, right-hand-side veranda. The inclusion of a thin outdoor veranda decking, which works its way around most of the rear of the property, gives residents the option to pull out a comfortable summer chair or simply rest with feet on the grass.

Lighting which glows

Lighting from within really offsets the white exterior with its sunburst reds and yellows. The decking seems to emit a warm glow like a fire in the night. From this angle, we also get a better idea of the downstairs floor space and garden. The owner may wish to employ the services of a professional landscape designer to bring this little garden to life.

Nordic design in Asian homes

Here we observe the wood effect, which, as mentioned before, continues to retain popularity in this part of the world. The feature beams running horizontally across the ceiling really add a touch of class to this room. They are almost replicated in miniature by the shelves on the left-hand wall and the countertop at the back of the room. Complementing all of this are the wooden floor and large windows which allow so much natural light to enter this space. When talking of furnishings and decoration, we simply can't ignore this wonderful filled Peruvian-style rug which gives character and a much needed bit of colour to the minimalist interior. With white walls and wood, any bright-coloured decor goes a long way!

Opposites ceiling to floor

What is irregular about this room? Surely the ceiling in wood and the floor in tiles! This is certainly a break from the norm and the check-pattern tiled flooring is pleasingly unique. Wooden storage cabinets on the right and a centrepiece table with wooden ornament convey almost a cabin-type feel. Some choice lamps, a day bed, curtains or potted plants could be added by the owner or an interior designer


With the larger windows at the rear and these secondary side-facing windows, this room will be blessed with daylight as the sun moves around the property throughout the day. We love the little elephant and half-backed rocking chair sitting on the Peruvian rug. Wooden window frame and flooring again give this room a naturally calm feel, together with the abundance of white on the surrounding walls.

Storage and lights

Sliding-door wardrobes and cabinets are built into wall panels to maximise floor space. Lighting is from spots above, with no hanging wires or shades, in keeping with the sparse design. 

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How would you furnish and decorate this minimalist family home?

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