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Radiators, an essential part of almost every home far north of the equator. They provide warmth, cosiness, and relief from the harsh and often long winter months. If you live anywhere within Britain or Northern Europe, you will understand the importance of a radiator, and also the unfortunate appearance of many ugly or unsightly models. Regrettably, more often than not, the common wall heater is an irritatingly beastly looking appliance—large, solid, imposing and immovable. Moreover, their unattractiveness often does nothing for the sleek and well-designed aesthetic you try so hard to achieve. Ruinous to your décor, with an uncompromising and inflexible monstrousness, a radiator can look notoriously out of place. 

Fight back against these interior eyesores, and take a look at the following exciting and ingenious examples below. With a little help from homify you can transform these bulky appliances into stylish recessive domestic features.

Sleek design

Matching Radiator Cover and Bathroom Sink Unit Cool Radiators? It’s Covered! BathroomDecoration
Cool Radiators? It’s Covered!

Matching Radiator Cover and Bathroom Sink Unit

Cool Radiators? It’s Covered!

These days radiators are one of the most efficient and pleasant ways to heat our homes. However, we often run into trouble when deciding how to integrate these rather permanent pieces of furniture into our domestic space. Take a look at this design, it is perfectly in-keeping with the surrounding décor, and effortlessly blends into its surrounds. Produced by Cool Radiators? It’s Covered, this radiator is well hidden behind a modern veneer, which actually infuses a sense of style into the space.

Simple and recessive

Clarke and Clarke - Astrid Fabric Collection Curtains Made Simple Scandinavian style living room
Curtains Made Simple

Clarke and Clarke—Astrid Fabric Collection

Curtains Made Simple

Probably a radiator that most of us are accustomed to, this heater is unassuming and modest in appearance. Often in home renovation, people will paint their radiators to suit the hue of their wall, this can often look as though you are trying to hide something that simply cannot be hidden. Instead of doing this, why not choose a hue that is a slight shade lighter than the walls, similar to the skirting board or ceiling. By doing so, you will ensure the radiator does not impede the space, but instead creates a spacious area, and a recessively stylish radiator.

Heritage and style

Verona Cast Iron Radiator is available to purchase at UKAA UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques BathroomFittings
UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

Verona Cast Iron Radiator is available to purchase at UKAA

UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

Who says a radiator has to be subtle and recessive? This design turns that notion on its head, and instead ensures the heating within the home is a stylish showpiece. Truly an interesting sight within this domestic space, this radiator is lavish, luxurious and opulent in appearance. If you are thinking about making an architectural statement using an antique style for your radiator, pair it with traditional accessories, plush decorations and plenty of historic accoutrements. Furthermore consider polished timber floorboards, and a neutral or pastel colour scheme, as this will reflect the old-world heritage and style of your aesthetic.

Make a statement

Radiators are often that household appurtenance that gets neglected—usually just painted in the same hue as the wall, people generally prefer to feel their warmth rather than see them as a statement. This radiator cover changes that notion. Truly a standout piece of domestic decoration, this Union Jack high-gloss cover is the ultimate way to inject a little life, vivacity and energy into your space. Place this within a neutral or colourful room, and ensure it is a focal point of the space. By allowing the radiator clear room to be viewed,  it will undoubtedly act as a conversational piece in your home.

The bathroom radiator

When we think of radiators and heating our homes, the bathroom is often a space that gets forgotten. Ensure your space is toasty and inviting with a radiator that doubles as a heated towel rail. Is there anything more luxurious than stepping out of a hot shower and straight into a warm and plush towel, perfectly heated, whilst welcoming and alluring. Choose something traditional such as this chrome rail, and for extra indulgence, double up and install two.

Bespoke bathroom beauty

Country House Barn, Surrey Drummonds Bathrooms BathroomTextiles & accessories
Drummonds Bathrooms

Country House Barn, Surrey

Drummonds Bathrooms

Similar to the previous bathroom example, this towel rail follows a more rustic approach and is an excellent example of a bespoke radiator. Often in country properties the roof, or loft space, is a difficult areas to furnish and heat, but incorporating a bespoke rail, the area utilises the unused spaces, and ensures the design is cohesive and attractive. Blended with the raw exposed timber, the bright chrome finish of this radiator evokes a sense of luxury and opulence within the room.

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