6 ways to use neutral colours to create an awesome bedroom

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Neutral hues are a tried and tested palette of soothing and timeless tones, perfect for easily adding an element of elegance within your dwelling. There is no better place to employ a range of subtle and age-defiant hues than within one's bedroom. Our bedrooms are often spaces of rest and relaxation. Areas of our home where we can take a time-out, recover from a stressful day, or simply sit back and read a good book. Neutral shades and tones are the ideal accompaniment, and assist in creating a serene and tranquil aura. Not only will a neutral palette help to evoke a calming atmosphere, but it will act in a highly sophisticated and elegant manner. No other collection of hues are as eternal as muted tints and tones, exuding classic refinement, with a range of different possibilities and design options. 

Today on homify we are going to take a look at six ways you can effortlessly and comfortably add neutral hues within your sleeping quarters. From choosing a wall colour, to adding artwork, our quick and easy list of tips has got you covered.

Furniture and accessories

Furniture plays a huge role in the overall vibe and ambience of a bedroom. When choosing pieces for a neutral design, think about working within a colour palette of muted tones, pastels, and monochromatic shades. Surprisingly, within a neutral colour scheme there are actually plenty of hues that can be employed. Think beige, ecru, cream, white, mushroom, grey, fawn and more. 

In the example above we see a truly beautiful use of neutral hues that impart a sense of whimsicality and magic. The four poster bed is a highlight within the space and utilises white bed linen and a white curtain to exude luxury and relaxation. The room's design is French provincial, and evokes a rustic charm, with an extremely lavish quality given its neutral tone. Quite surprisingly, the room actually manages to include many different hues that all work to create a stylish and sophisticated monochromatic space. No area within this room is boring, but instead, the neutral furniture and accessories work together to impart a gorgeous restfulness, with an airy and light-filled aesthetic.

Beautiful neutral bed linen

Light coloured bed linen is one of the easiest ways to impart a neutral aesthetic within your bedroom. The best thing about neutral bedding is its ability to work with a number of different styles and designs. You don't have to have an all-white bedroom to utilise a set of muted textiles. Bedding is an ideal way to include a colour scheme without the permanence of furniture, flooring, or wall colour. If you feel like testing out a neutral palette within your room, linen is a fabulous place to start.

The image above from Textil Antilo illustrates a beautiful array of patterned sheets, a quilt, and cushions that add interest and sumptuousness to the sleeping space. What separates this room from the rest is its spectacular inclusion of earthy tones and plants that add a little mystery and tranquillity to the overall atmosphere and vibe.

Choosing a wall colour

Next up we have one of the most obvious ways to create a neutral colour scheme within your bedroom. Wall colour instantly transforms the aura and ambience within a space, often modifying it drastically. It is therefore important that you pick the right hue and tone. Luckily, when decorating with neutral colours, it is almost impossible to put a foot wrong. Muted shades are inherently accommodating to furniture, accessories, as well as all other colour palettes. If you have bold furniture, or mismatched décor, a simple white wall will work perfectly. 

Within this bedroom we glimpse a fresh white colour scheme with characterful pieces of furniture that only slightly deviate from the light, bright and airy aesthetic. Head to your local paint shop and chat to the staff about a colour that you can paint your walls to add age-defiant spaciousness. Think white, cream, off-white, or for a deeper tone, perhaps consider a dusty grey or fawn hue. 

Natural and artificial lighting

Within this all-white bedroom we see two very important fixtures, the gorgeous contemporary suspended side lamps. The lighting is of particular note as it adds a sense of interest and modernity to the space creating life and flair within the sleeping quarters.

There are two main considerations when designing or choosing lighting for a neutral bedroom. Firstly, as with all interior spaces, it is a good idea to maximise potential natural light. Natural light is the best and most effectual way to softly and comfortably illuminate a room. When using neutral hues, the available natural lighting will bounce off surfaces, and can offer a much brighter than normal space. Secondly, when adding artificial light, look specifically at the areas you intend to focus the illumination, soft side lamps are a stylish and sophisticated choice, and can impart a restful ambience. In an all-white, or monochromatic room, statement fittings are a good solution for imparting contrast and interest.

Neutral flooring, and creating contrast

Flooring can be one of the trickiest undertakings within a dwelling, and this is definitely made more difficult when considering a neutral theme. Floors have a huge impact on the overall ambience and feeling of a room, so it is important to get them right. Furthermore, to make everything a little harder, there are numerous options for your flooring when considering a neutral bedroom. If you have a timber or laminate floor the earthy brown hues will work perfectly with a cream interior. Additionally, a neutral rug, such as sisal or seagrass, will offer an ideal accompaniment to the overall theme. 

In this example we see a gorgeous shag rug in a rich grey tone. Although this is not necessarily a completely neutral and light colour, it works wonderfully with the other room accoutrements and is a cosy and sumptuous addition. To emulate this look in your own abode, choose white and grey bed linen, a freestanding white lamp, white walls, and plenty of luxury flourishes.

Adding art

Last, but certainly not least we are taking a quick look at how to incorporate artworks into a neutral bedroom. One of the most common questions from people, is often how to easily utilise their art within an all-white, or colourless bedroom. Luckily the solution is rather easy. Choose pieces that are monochromatic, such as black and white photographs. Alternatively, brightly coloured pieces can create an impact as standout features within a space. Although your interior is neutral, the vivacious hue will impart life and eclecticism. The example above is a lovely demonstration of four separate images that have been beautifully incorporated into a neutral room. The style is contemporary, and the art works perfectly in adding that extra element of intrigue. 

We hope our Ideabook provided you with some handy advice and inspirational ideas to create a sophisticated and neutral bedroom. If you would like to continue reading, we recommend: homify guide: How to create a romantic bedroom

Do you love (or loathe) neutral interior design? We' would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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