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Curb appeal is one of the most important considerations for homeowners. Not simply a concern for those wishing to list their property on the market, but also for long term households who want to make an impression using their abode. There are plenty of ways one can upgrade the overall aesthetic of their dwelling’s exterior. From renewing the front door, to cleaning or creating a pathway, the options are endless. 

Today on homify we are taking a look at six different yet relatively easy options, for improving your home’s façade. Whichever approach you choose to tackle, a little care and attention is often all that is required to transform your residence from uninspiring to chic and eye-catching. Check out the images and examples below for some handy advice to get you started!

The pathway and entrance

The entrance and pathway is definitely one of the most important exterior areas of your dwelling. When walking up to a house, a person's first impression is made up within the first minute. In this short period of time you have the ability to impart a stylish and sophisticated aesthetic with gorgeously designed space, and a clean entrance. However, if you leave your space to become dirty, neglected, and unattractive, you will no doubt create a sense of apprehension for yourself and your guests. 

This example is a wonderful illustration regarding the cleanliness and crisp atmosphere of an entrance. The space is sleek, refined, and highly appealing. Regularly sweep and maintain the exterior of your home for a space that looks and feels lavish and welcoming. 

The front door

Other than the pathway and overall appearance of your home, the front door is a crucial element in ensuring your dwelling looks fabulous and inviting. Does your front door look shabby and work ineffectively? Does it creak, or take a little extra effort to make sure it has been closed properly? Or perhaps it is painted in a colour scheme that doesn't suit your overall domestic aesthetic? If any of these points are true, then it is vital you give your front door a little extra attention. 

The first thing to consider is whether your door requires fixing. If it shabby and works ineffectively, the best thing you can do is have it removed and replaced. If it is still functioning, have it serviced to ensure it looks and works appropriately. Finally, consider the colour scheme and design of your entrance. Homes require updating every so often and the exterior of your dwelling can benefit from a renewed coat of paint, or perhaps some illumination.  

The roof

One area of the home we tend to neglect is the roof. However, it is the roof that allows the dwelling to function efficiently, and a poorly designed or failing roof will often create other problems for the property. Insulation is a top priority for hot climates, and a good roof can keep the heat out, and the cool air conditioned air, in. Not only that, but the house looks far more stylish and sleek with a maintained roof, free from missing tiles, flaking paint, or leaf-filled gutters. 

As the roof can be a difficult area to reach, a DIY project is not recommended. Instead chat to a roofing expert for some handy advice on how to deal with the current state of your roof, and whether it requires maintenance, refurbishement, or replacement. 

The windows

The Rusty House IQ Glass UK Modern windows & doors
IQ Glass UK

The Rusty House

IQ Glass UK

Windows make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your home, but they are often forgotten or neglected. Unfortunately, windows tend to require constant cleaning and care. Fingerprints, dust, and other grime easily settles on large and small glazed areas, inhibiting the view from both inside and outside. For that truly neat and chic abode, your windows should be cleaned and shiny. Depending on your time and resources, you may want to consider cleaning your windows as a weekend project. However, if you have difficult to reach glazing, a professional can inexpensively, and surprisingly quickly fix up your windows. 

The greenery

Plants instantly add life and verve to a home. If your dwelling needs an instant refresh, then a little greenery is a sure bet. Additionally, there are plenty of ways you can include fancy frondescence. Firstly, and most obviously is within your front garden. If you are lucky enough to have a little patch of lawn at the front of your home, then this is an ideal place to get planting. Trees, shrubs, flowers, and topiary can add a huge amount of character and drastically improve your dwelling. Unless you count yourself as a qualified green thumb, it can be a good idea to speak to a professional landscaper to ensure you get a polished and well-organised garden. 

If however, you don't have a garden, planters and pots are the next best option. By adding planters and potted greenery at the front of your abode, you will instantly transform the space from drab to fantastic! Chose palms, and other low maintenance plants for that tropical ambience and atmosphere. Moreover, play around with the colour of your pots to enliven the exterior of your property. In this example we see some hanging plants, which make another stylish addition, and can be used for smaller home exteriors, or those with a compact entrance space. 

The façade

FJA Modern windows & doors

Finally we come to the façade of the home. The façade or fascia is an extremely important part of the house, as it essentially is the house. Without a good looking render or exterior style, your dwelling will look shabby or unfinished. 

Now, there are plenty of different materials that work beautifully to give you the style of home you desire. If you are constructing a new residence, it is a good idea to work closely with the architect and builder to ensure the finish is just as you would like it. If you are renovating a home, you may choose to render or update the exterior. By refurbishing the outside of your dwelling, you will instil renewed energy and life into the property. If you don't intend to change the façade of your home, the next step is to clean it, and ensure it is suitably refreshed. High pressure cleaners can get rid of that city muck and dirt that tends to accumulate, while offering your dwelling a new lease on life. 

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Do you have any other tips or tricks for our readers? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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