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Do you feel highly strung, tense, stressed, or restless? For many of us living in a frantic and frenetic city such as Singapore, life flows at a hectic and relentless pace. We tend to regularly work long hours, and it is not uncommon to spend very little time resting or relaxing. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly common to suffer from feelings of anxiety, contributing to an overall strain on your mind and body. Luckily homify is here to offer some solutions. 

First stop: the bathroom. Your bathroom is the ultimate resting place. It is an area in which you can shut and lock the door, run a bath or a hot shower, and totally relax yourself. But how does one go that extra step further, to truly create an area of sumptuous relief and renewal? In order to soak away stress you need a spa-like space. Thankfully, we here at homify have gathered some tips and tricks to get your started. Check out the inspirational ideas below, and start reinvigorating your mind and body, with a newly refreshed spa styled bathroom. 

How about a walk-in shower or steam room?

First things first, let’s talk luxury! This example simply blows us away with its gorgeous spa-like opulence. Looking a little like a space age cube or monolith, the walk-in shower-cum-steam room is a step up from standard wash spaces. Featuring black exterior tiles, and a lavish interior, this is the perfect place to wash those cares away. Within the rest of the space we see timber tones that impart a sense of serenity, and sauna-esque relaxation. The room is large, with a bathtub sitting recessed within a stage-like setting. The entire room is outrageously comfortable, eye-catching, and a treat for the senses.

To emulate this in your own home, think timber joinery, flooring and wall cladding, matched with small matte finish tiles, abundant mirrored surfaces, and a minimalist décor.

Or perhaps you would like a bath?

Wow! This room is unbelievable! Appearing more like a 5-star retreat or getaway, the room is lavish, luxurious, magnificent, without looking gaudy or pretentious.

The tub itself is situated slightly above the ground within a timber surround. A wall-mounted television frames the rear wall, and offers the occupant a place to watch films, television, or simply play some serene music. The television aside, the real treat has to be the glazed walls that reveal interior private green space. Boasting an ever-changing exterior, and a sense of connectedness with nature, this room is overwhelmingly picturesque.

Lighting is an essential

When we talk about lighting we generally mean two different types. Firstly there is the natural lighting that filters in through windows, skylights and doors, and secondly there is artificial light from bulbs, lamps, or other fittings. Both are essential to create a comfortable and functioning interior space, and both will help to create a spa experience in your own home.

Windows – a required feature to ensure your home receives adequate natural light. If your room doesn’t have any access to natural light, you should consider a roof light, skylight, or reconfiguration of the interior spaces. However, if that is not a solution, perhaps speak to a professional lighting designer to ensure you get an artificial solution that is stylish, sophisticated and as close to natural illumination as possible.

This illustration features a huge set of bi-fold doors that open up the room to the exterior garden space. Completely tranquil and serene, this room is an exemplar of what can be achieved with minimalist design and abundant natural light. Sleek white lines impart elegance and work towards a Zen atmosphere and vibe.

Artificial lighting can be included in many different ways, but to exude relaxation, the best way is to avoid brightness, or install a dimmer switch to your lamps and light fittings.

Don’t forget the accessories!

Accessories can make or break an interior bathroom space, and transform your area from drab or dull, to inspiring and relaxing. Take this example for some handy tips and tricks. A green wall has been installed to impart a sense of life and vigour, while the earthiness transports the occupant to a place of rest and serenity. The floor of the shower features pebbles, which create an instant spa vibe and when paired with the bamboo towel rail, appears to exude a true island aesthetic.

Pick accessories that you find inherently calming, and opt for neutral tones, while avoiding harsh or gaudy shades. Plants add a huge amount of tranquillity within a room, evoking nature, helping you reach a place of centeredness and relaxation. And finally, timber accessories, ornamentation and other natural materials such as stone, rock and clay make excellent additions due to their organic nature.

How should I tile my space?

Tiles, like the colour scheme for your walls, are a crucial element that will determine your overall interior bathroom aesthetic. There are plenty of different factors to consider such as the volume of space being tiled, the theme, colour, size and material. Each variation will have a different impact on your overall ambience, and should therefore be undertaken with care. Small mosaic style tiles work brilliantly with spa spaces, and can be purchased in sheets for easy installation. Additionally, for that opulent and lavish design, marble is not to be missed.

What flooring should I consider?

Finally, we arrive at flooring. A common query among individuals who are seeking to create a new and interesting spa-like bathroom is what type of flooring they should choose. Essentially, there are a plethora of viable options that will all add a certain vibe and atmosphere to the room. If you are attempting a sauna or alpine quality, go for timber, or if you want the 5-star luxury experience, perhaps marble would be better suited. Consider your theme, then opt for a cohesive material. With critical and fundamental design choices like flooring or tiles, you may want to chat to a professional to ensure your space ends up the cohesive and sophisticated design you desire.

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How do you create a little spa luxury in your home? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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