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Injecting colour into one's home can be a challenging and somewhat tricky task. We often want to create more lively and exciting interior spaces, but are unsure how to do so. There is certainly an art to stylish and successful domestic interior design. The ability to pair differing hues, shades, textures and tones in order to create a gorgeously inviting and sophisticated dwelling requires an aptitude for good taste, and an eye for detail. 

Today we will be taking a look at an apartment, which fabulously encapsulates the brilliance of bright hues, and imparts a rich, intriguing mood. The Flamingo House, aptly names for the large pink bird artwork that hangs upon the wall is a beautiful example of a colourful yet sophisticated residence. Located in Poland, and designed by Safranow, this home is truly a spirited experience. If you would like to get a little inspiration for your dwelling, check out the images and examples below, and employ some playful colour within your abode today!

Rich hues, and an inviting ambience

As we first enter the home, we see the gorgeous blend of bright hues, and beautiful rich tones. The room is welcoming, with high ceilings, soft lighting, and a sense of snug cosiness. Apart from the warmth and sophistication of the dwelling, the immediate feeling one gets when walking into the room is a luxurious opulence. 

Furniture is contemporary and modern, with a mid-century Danish aesthetic seen heavily within the dining area. The table and chairs are a rich timber tone that work wonderfully with the similarly toned wood laminate floor. Above the dining table a statement pendant light is suspended and effortlessly adds mood and atmosphere within the spacious open plan home. 

In the background of the image we see the media and entertainment area of the home. The custom joinery is perfectly included within the space, and surprisingly doesn't intrude on the roomy ambience of the living area. The cabinetry features a rather flat profile, with only a short protrusion into the lounge. This joinery adds a huge amount of storage space for all manner of audio visual equipment. The top cupboards are noticeable, and yet work as a feature in the space. They are ideal for keeping home appurtenances, and the dark charcoal/black veneer adds depth with its richness. 

Sumptuous living room

As we move past the dining space and focus on the living room, we are able to get a good idea of the sumptuousness of the overall design. The large draped curtains are a highlight within the room, acting as a gorgeously lavish addition, while offering a more practical element of insulation for those cold Polish evenings. The sofa is overstuffed and replete with a neutral tone. The statement armchair matches the mid-century dining area, and works beautifully with its neutral upholstered and dark timber legs. 

The colour scheme within the home is dusty and rich. Light pinks, earthy timber tones, and contrasting black hues are all working together to create a space that is luxuriant in its radiance. One of the nicest elements within this astutely designed home is the inclusion of modern art. Sitting upon the dark black wall is an illuminated work of abstract art. This effortlessly adds interest and intrigue within the home, evoking a sense of playful refinement. Finally, different types of lamps are used to impart the sultry lighting and mood that is seen throughout the abode. 

A sleek kitchen

Turning around to view the interior space from an alternate vantage, we get a glimpse of the ultra-sleek kitchen. The room is modern with contemporary joinery, and a beautiful black and white colour scheme. The cabinetry is cream, while the opposing elements of contrast are black. The splashback and counter work beautifully in adding a yin and yang effect within the home. The design is balanced, and evokes tranquillity as well as a cultivated maturity. 

Storage is also built into the side cupboard of the joinery, offering a place to keep domestic miscellany. Furthermore a cut-out timber alcove hosts ethnic artwork and statuettes. 

The flamingo

In this image we finally get a good impression of the flamingo that has inspired the interior design of the home. The dwelling is essentially flamingo-like in its appearance and objective. It is refined, colourful, and effortlessly stylish. This piece of artwork frames the dining and kitchen space, sitting between the living area and the eating space. Not only does this bright floor to ceiling image impart and exude playful charisma, but it is also illuminated, adding to the mood of the abode. 

Finally, in the left hand corner of the room we see the tree trunk coat stand, and mirrored wall. The mirror enhances the sense of spaciousness, while another bespoke cupboard provides essential storage space.

Beautiful bedding

Approaching the end of our tour we take one last look inside the bedroom. The room is, just like the rest of the home, stylish and sumptuous. Bed linen is replete in the requisite flamingo pink tone, with contrasting black furniture adding the essential divergent hues. Art sits upon the wall above the bed imparting a sense of refinement within this stunning space. The upholstered bed head-cum-wainscot wall is an absolute highlight, evoking the luxury and opulence seen within the other living spaces. Finally, twin wall mounted lights impart a practical edge within the room, and offer dual purpose mood illumination with direct reading lamps. 

We hope you enjoyed that sultry and intriguing apartment. If you would like to continue reading, and obtain a little more colourful inspiration, check out: Tips to integrate bold colour into a home

What did you think of this home's gorgeous flamingo inspired interior? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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