The 6 things most of us secretly forget to clean

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If you're fastidious about giving your home a good deep clean, you'll be slightly horrified to discover that there are a whole host of grubby hotspots that tend to get neglected in most homes.

But no fear, just roll up your sleeves and keep reading! These are the areas that get touched every day, but don't really draw attention to themselves. They could just require a quick wipe down, or perhaps a little more extra work. But we do promise that the clean freak within most of us will enjoy sorting them out!

So today, we'll cover the 6 things most of us secretly forget to clean in our home. We hope they help!

1. Mattress and pillows

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Mattresses double their weight over a lifetime, simply due to the amount of perspiration they contain! If that makes you squirm, strip the bed and vacuum the top, sides and bottom with a clean upholstery attachment. This will remove the dead skin, dust and debris. If you want to take things a step further, sift baking soda over the surface, leave it for half an hour then vacuum it clean.

Don't forget about the pillows too. Squeeze the air out of them and pop them in the washing machine with some mild detergent, baking soda or white vinegar. Your bedroom will soon feel super fresh and clean.

2. Cutting and drainer

Wooden chopping boards are often quite porous so they tend to suck up a lot of material. However, they should never be soaked in water. Just give them a good scrub and a wash down, sanitise with vinegar and use a combination of water and lemon juice to freshen it up. A similar solution could also be used for the sink drainer.

3. Remote controls and keyboards

Most of us don't really notice the build-up of dust and grime on our remote controls and computer keyboards until we can actually see it. This is just a little big disgusting! It's even worse of course if you are in the habit of eating while working or surfing online. A slightly damp soft cloth should sort this out. Just be sure to avoid using too much water. A q-tip can also help with the tiny corners.

4. Switches

Light switches are perhaps the most commonly missed dirty hotspot in the home. No other area in the home gets touched quite so much! So get a clean rag and give the switches a good rub down. A dilute solution of white vinegar is a good, harmless product to use.

5. The glass on toothbrush holders

Small flecks and drips from daily brushing can easily build up on your bathroom surfaces over time. This is generally most apparent on the bathroom accessories such as the ceramic holders for your toothbrushes. Give them a weekly wipe-down and you'll notice the difference. Your bathroom will look that extra bit shiny!

6. The air conditioning filters

This one will probably end up saving you money over time. Check the back of your air conditioner and check out the recommended dates for cleaning or replacing your filters. Chances are, they will be awfully clogged up with dust and grime. Just think, you might have been breathing in all those particles all this time!

Now it might just be time for a snooze. For inspiration, have a look at 5 dreamy homes that will make you buy a hammock.

Do you have any more crafty cleaning tips for us?

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