A chic 90m² apartment that feels much bigger

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Perfect Space Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs
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Most of us know that a minimalist theme is good for designing a small home. But of course, this should never mean the interior design is boring or lacking in decoration.

Today, we'll explore a neutral apartment with minimalist interior design and a few special features that really lift it beyond the mundane. The apartment is 90m², but it definitely feels a whole lot bigger. Interior architects Perfect Space have employed classic English wainscoting, an antique blue palette, modern glossy finishes and a few tricky touches to make the design work. So if you're looking for a quick rundown on small apartment ideas, come on a photo tour to check this home out.

Neutral hallway entrance with classic wainscoting

The best hallways are often sparsely furnished. This is because the smallest encroachments on the floor space can very easily make a passageway feel small or cluttered. The problem with a minimalist hallway or entrance design is that it can easily result in an unfinished look. Here we have a classic alternative solution. Wainscoting adds a decorative touch to the walls and a blue-grey wall colour accentuates the old-world feel of this antique-style decoration.

Stunning black pendant lights and a neutral dining area

The hallway leads to this combined dining room and kitchen area. The different living zones are relatively closely set—after all, the apartment is just 90sqm. Nevertheless, each space is clearly distinct. A big part in the success of the dining area lies in the use of black pendant lights. They make the simple white table feel like a defined dining area and add a stylish touch. The black tones also link the area to the black kitchen splashback.

Glossy black kitchen splashback

A glossy wall always adds that extra bit of polish to a home. This kind of finish is often good when introducing black to the room. It reflects the light and makes the dark tones feel quite sophisticated and a little bit sexy. Also, it would be remiss of us not to mention the great use of straight sweeping lines in this space. They definitely draw the eye horizontally around the room and make it feel larger.

Unique upcycled furniture and a minimalist decor

A neutral, minimalist interior need not be lacking in those personal, unique touches. Here we can see how an upcycled crate can be used to add interest. This kind of furniture can easily look at little worn or downbeat in an eclectic interior. But in a minimalist living room like this—it simply adds an authentic touch.

Spacious cloakroom

The surprising thing about this home is that is has a spacious cloakroom. This may not be a hugely important feature in a warm climate, but it's definitely important in colder parts of the world where people are often laden down with winter clothing. A key takeaway here is the slightly wider doorway. This kind of feature will always make a small home feel large.

Light and spacious windowless bathroom

One of our favourite space-enhancing features has to be in the cool white bathroom. That long panel window really draws the eye across the room. It also reflects the natural light from the adjoining room. Check out the wash basin cabinet too. It's been mounted to the wall so the floor space is clear and the bathroom feels that little bit bigger.

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