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Wallpaper is perfect for decorating small spaces and little nooks within the home. Once the domain of stuffy old houses, wallpaper has definitely made a comeback in recent years, with the latest designs fresher, livelier, brighter and more appealing than ever.

This is particularly good news for those with small homes, because an ornate wallpaper design is best served in small doses. This means it's a cheap decorating material at your disposal, too. So come with us to check out some of the most beautiful wallpapers in small spaces! We bet you'll fall in love with at least one of these pretty designs…

1. A pretty subtle Japanese design

This Japanese home has a soft pretty pink wallpaper with a subtle floral design. The wallpaper is made from cloth and has a slight texture. This kind of setup is a good way to create a sense of boundary around a living area in an open-plan home. 

2. A silver pattern for the dressing room

We love this wallpaper because it has an almost art deco motif. This kind of design often came with a silvery metallic sheen. The subtle pattern makes it a good wallpaper that would blend well with white walls. Here it could be used to make this little corner of the room feel like a stylish old dressing room.

3. Pink flamingos

This fabulous bathroom is unashamedly pink. We love how the pink flamingos echo the pink of the lower wall panels! The large proportions of the motif really make this wallpaper design feel fresh and modern.

4. A retro green wallpaper to envy

Hexa-Gone wallpaper quirk and rescue Walls & flooringWallpaper
quirk and rescue

Hexa-Gone wallpaper

quirk and rescue

This cool wallpaper is sure to make you the envy of your friends. The sap green tones reflect the green of the checkered floor tiles and make it feel quite polished and daring. Also, if you want to see more, check out the pages of our paint and wall coverings professionals.

5. Natural and neutral

Birch tree forest wall sticker Vinyl Impression Walls & flooringWall tattoos
Vinyl Impression

Birch tree forest wall sticker

Vinyl Impression

This kind of wallpaper design could easily come in the form of a sticker or decal. The tree motif is perfect for a small space because it draws attention to the height of the room. A big bold design like this could easily make a small room feel crowded, so it's just as well that the tones are neutral.

6. The cosy appeal of fabric wallpaper

Wallpaper adds a sort of cosy, homely vibe to any room. If you really want to amp up this effect, consider the effects of fabric wallpaper. This little room even has a series of mismatching wallpaper designs butted up against each other. It works because the patterns are of similar size.

7. A classic European pattern in a contemporary hue

An ornate wallpaper design like this evokes all the class and elegance of an old European aristocratic home. What makes it better is the contemporary colour. This kind of wallpaper design could easily be installed in a little feature wall in a modern home to great effect.

8. A wall big with inspiration

Spring Flowers Pixers Rustic style bedroom Black

Spring Flowers


Most elements in the home are constrained by the practicalities of simple, geometric lines. But in a wallpaper or print design you can explore all sorts of wild and undulating lines. This simple white bedroom has a big bold natural wall design that really makes the room feel gorgeous.

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Which of these wallpapers is your favourite?

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