A Compact Apartment with a Striking View

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Evviva Bertolini Tropical style living room
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With breathtaking panoramic views over the Baia de Todos os Santos (The Bay of All Saints), today’s tour is a captivating and elegant abode. As the main and largest bay within the north-eastern state of Bahia, Brazil, this dwelling brilliantly utilises mirrored surfaces to evoke a sense of spaciousness. Additionally, the impact of the views observed beyond the extensive glazing have been seamlessly heightened by the reflective surfaces throughout.

However gorgeous the external scenery, it is the furniture and interior design that truly enchants and enthrals. With equipment, fittings, and fixtures by Evviva Bertonlini, the home possesses a charming contemporary ambience, exuding charismatic colours, shapes, and forms. Throughout the vivacious one-bedroom dwelling, the elegance and sophistication of a highly luxurious home is overwhelmingly evident. Evocative of the vibrant, spirited Brazilian culture, this apartment manages to apply a thoughtful and considered approach to imparting class, without foregoing character.

Today on homify we are privileged to take a rare tour inside this gorgeously luxurious and opulent home. Check out the images below, and explore new and interesting ways to add colour, life, and energy to your interior domestic spaces.

Room with a view

Featuring vast and panoramic views over the largest bay in the state of Bahia, Brazil, this dwelling is uniquely and undeniably luxurious. The picture window is the highlight of the space with beautiful scenic water landscapes right at your fingertips. 

However, not to be outdone by the location and views within the apartment, the interior design itself is highly sophisticated, and gorgeously implemented.  The furniture is contemporary with plenty of mid-century modern touches seen throughout. Comfort is a top priority, with plush textiles and an abundance of comfortable throw cushions to ensure the residence is homely and inviting. 

A quiet corner of contemplation

Moving closer to the window, we see the dramatic image before us. The scenery is even more beautiful close up, and provides the occupant with an ever-changing artwork in their home. 

This compact corner space features matching twin chairs in a mid-century modern design. Paired with intriguing tables, and this is a perfect place to sit back with a good friend, admire the view, and enjoy a glass of sparling champagne. Alternatively, this area is superb for sitting alone or by oneself and indulging in a good book, while maximising the restfulness of the surrounding décor and astonishing backdrop. 

Gorgeous informal dining

Turning around and taking a look at the bar and informal dining space, we are greeted by some alluring bespoke mirrored joinery. The bar provides all the essentials for luxury 21st living, including wine storage, cold drink storage, and an endless array of barware and drinkware. 

The informal dining consists of a clear Perspex/acrylic table and sleek light birch chairs. This space is relaxed, and works wonderfully with the mirrored cabinets, which add to the sense of spaciousness.

The artistic living space

The abundance of interesting artwork is a highlight within this home. In the living room we can see the way the neutral colour scheme works elegantly to include bright pieces of contemporary and modern art. These pieces above the sofa are set up with symmetry, offering an attention grabbing focal-point within the apartment. 

To the left of the dramatic black sofa sits twin side tables in contrasting aqua blue and canary yellow. The inclusion of such bright accessories and furniture is a smart move by the designers to intersperse the residence with lively and energetic accoutrements. By adding colour, the home reflects the vivacious Brazilian attitude towards design and decoration, and evokes a sense of its culture and environment. 

Formal dining and kitchen

The kitchen is much like the built-in bar and informal dining area. It features sleek black joinery, but is without the reflective mirror. The dining table is gorgeously coordinated, effortlessly imparting a sense of majesty within the room. 

Hidden from view, but almost able to be seen is the reflective wall of mirror that adds once again to the rich spacious opulence that has been employed throughout the dwelling. This not only enhances a feeling of expansion, but is a stylish inclusion that boasts luxury and panache. 

Maximising space with mirrors

This image is extremely important as it allows us to grasp the layout of the compact apartment. The bedroom is hidden behind sliding walls of mirrored glass, meaning the area is virtually invisible once closed-off from the living room. 

The home is light and bright, with the designers highlighting the roominess of the dwelling through the use of mirrored glass. This handy reflective surface is elegant and sophisticated, ensuring the occupant feels indulgent,  and comfortable at the same time. A predominantly white and neutral colour scheme is employed, with dark black pieces incorporated for contrast. Although this home is principally muted in its colour palette, bright elements evoke the vivacity and energy seen throughout Brazilian culture and everyday life. 

Neat and tidy sleeping quarters

Within the bedroom the décor is neat and tidy. However, to keep the design fresh and interesting, there have been stylish additions included throughout the space. Firstly, the upholstered bed head brings a plush element of opulence. Its silky fabric adding to the elegance of the overall interior aesthetic. Secondly, the bookshelf is a truly abstract, yet captivating piece of furniture. 

The entire space oozes refinement and astute design nous. The room is appealing, with a sense of crisp comfort, working well to coordinate with the other domestic spaces within the apartment. 

Your very own home spa

The last room we will be taking a look inside is the bathroom. Appearing a little more like a lavish spa, this space is gloriously relaxing. Raw stone is employed as a wall covering, and also as the basin-cum-vanity. The stone is light in colour, and yet still manages to impart a sense of earthiness and tranquillity. 

The first thing we notice when entering this space is the abundant use of mirror. The mirror enlarges the space, and adds that extra element of opulence, with the reflective surfaces allowing light to bounce throughout the room. Secondly, the spa bath is a beautifully inviting addition to the room, offering the occupant the perfect getaway, and area to relax after a long and strenuous day. 

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