The stylish makeover of a young couple's tiny apartment

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一葉藍朵設計家飾所 A Lentil Design Scandinavian style corridor, hallway& stairs
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With rising property prices and a tight budget, investing in a big, spacious house can be a distant dream for a young married couple. However, with good planning and a little ingenuity, even a small residence can blend both functionality and style to become a beautiful and comfortable home. Today we’ll look at the astonishing low-budget transformation of a tiny, cramped house into a charming open-plan mini-paradise. Let’s begin!

​After: a vibrant and cheerful space

This formerly dark and gloomy area has received a stunning makeover! Walls and ceilings were removed, while windows were installed to permit the entry of natural light and fresh air. The enhanced sense of space and cheerful colours have created a cosy and welcoming haven.

​Before & after: a dingy room becomes a visual treat

The old room is cramped and dingy. Stuffed with too many things, it has an unwelcoming appearance and looks like a storeroom. During its renovation, the separating wall was removed and replaced with stylish low furniture. The new room looks warm, friendly and pretty and the floating shelves are an elegant and practical storage solution.

​After: vibrant colours

The intelligent use of colours like ivory and primrose, teamed with light tones of wood and green plants, is the perfect way to generate an ambience of warmth and happiness.

​After: integrated yet separated

After the removal of walls to create a more spacious environment, the designers decided to use multifunctional furniture to separate the living spaces, while still keeping them integrated in an open-plan design. We love the quirky placement of the clock here!

​After: an adaptable layout

The old tiles have been replaced by cosy wooden flooring, and the living spaces can easily be separated by curtains. The design team also opted for furniture that is easily movable in order to accommodate new family members and guests.

​After: curtains as partitions

Curtains are an amazing way to divide living areas while maintaining flexibility of space and movement!

​After: a colourful dressing area

The formerly dark and dismal ambience of the old house is replaced by vibrant colours in a cheery and comfortable dressing area. The ingenious idea of having open storage for the clothes instead of cupboards ensures that the area doesn’t look cramped.

​After: the stylish entrance

What a wonderful way to create an elegant entrance in a small house! The rustic theme lends charm to the entrance with brick walls, wooden floor and a stone sculpture. The stylish grey bathroom can be neatly concealed behind a sliding wooden door.

​After: a well-planned layout

The layout of this small residence shows an intelligent allotment of spaces for increased functionality, convenience and fluidity of movement.

This amazing remodelling of a dark and dingy house into a lively and warm residence is a huge inspiration for all small home owners!

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