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A garden is fast becoming such a rare commodity in our urban existence. To feel the touch of the soft rays of early morning sun, walk barefoot on the dew soaked grass and hear the chirpy birds chattering all day long have sadly become constituents of such a faraway dream. Singaporeans can still consider themselves privileged, because they are actively participating in creating a garden city and not just merely a concrete jungle for themselves. Yet, to have a formal garden still eludes many.

Consider yourself blessed if you happen to have a green patch of land on your own backyard and take utmost care of it. Besides having infinite amount of environmental and aesthetic value, a beautiful garden is also an ideal spiritual retreat. Decorate it in such a way that does not overwhelm its natural charm or thwarts its rightful inhabitants, the birds, bees and butterflies. To help you in this process, we will discuss of garden furniture that are at once graceful and efficient without being offensive to nature.

A garden bench in a shady corner

Install a garden bench in one corner of the lawn, preferably under the shade of some shaded trees. The idea is to create an intimate little space where you can spend time with your beloved as often as you can without being disturbed by the outside world. A rustic little bench or two amid green foliages and seasonal flowers can perfectly set off the romantic mood. As the sun goes down, light up a lantern or use a small wood burner to take best advantage of those tender moments.

If you have reasonable carpentry skills you can design such a bench by yourself. If not, take the help of a friend of buy one from the local stores. Avoid synthetic materials, but select one that can withstand the elements of nature for a reasonable period of time. Teak, shorea, cedar etc are favourite wood types for garden benches. Additionally, they may require coats of special paints and / or preservatives.

An outdoor sofa in an open air living room

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Moroccan style garden

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Love hosting parties, but don’t have enough space to entertain your guests? Often feel oppressed within the four walls of your living room? Why not come out in the open and create a second more spacious living room on your backyard? You can easily convert a small area into cosy open air lounge with suitable furniture and a bit of decorative items. When it comes to outdoor sofas, cane or wicker furniture seems to be the popular most choices. These are also lightweight and perfectly suited for the ambience.

Make this more comfortable by choosing cushions meant for outdoor furniture in appropriate shades. Install a suitable sculpture on the corner and few flowers on the centre table. This area is meant for relaxation and cluttering it too many items will defeat the purpose. A well tended garden will be the best possible embellishment for an outdoor lounge.

Add chairs by the pool side

Pool side furniture like recliners and sun bed are must have items on any lawn. These chic poolside loungers by Reforma Casa Ipiranga not only do what they are supposed to, but also add an element of sophistication to your garden. You may prefer lolling on it during the weekends, on holidays or even after a hard day’s work under the starry sky.

Use these easy chairs to lie down and finish that novel you started reading last Monday, catch a quick nap or bathe in the warm of natural sunlight where there is a bit of nip in the air. Make sure your loungers are strong but portable, low maintenance and pest resistant.

Nothing better than dining in the outdoors

Having a dining area out in the garden is a brilliant way of enjoying a picnic almost every day of the year. Standard patio furniture works well for outdoor dining spaces. From simple wicker sets to elaborate teak furniture, specially treated wrought iron to resin dining table and chairs the choices are many and often depends on the area is it about to occupy. 

Decorative mosaic or terracotta dining table in vibrant tones could be an elegant addition to your dining set as well. You can even create one for yourself by setting coloured stone chips, broken glass and ceramics in plaster of paris or other hobby moulds over rust free metallic frames. But like other outdoor furniture on this list these too will have to be built to last.

Add a barbecue to enjoy under the sun

Though this is not furniture per se, but wouldn’t it be better if we manage to install a barbecue close by, particularly when we are talking of dining in open air? Kids will love a special treat of homemade burger, fish and chips and it will be a great way of having a fun time together with the loved ones of the family. It is easier to settle for a readymade gas fuelled barbecue, especially if you are only planning to use it occasionally. Purists may scoff at the idea because it tampers with the smoky flavour of the food. 

Otherwise, you may opt to build a country style brick barbecue with some expert help. If your outdoor dining area is not as large as some of those you have seen in suburban Kentucky or rural Tuscany, then refrain from having too much of a dressy piece. It is not advisable to overwhelm the natural charm of the garden.

Build a tree house!

If you are having kids at home you will not be able to let this pass by. Installing a log cabin will be a top priority on their list. Nowadays, you buy pre-made children’s summer houses that are as easy or difficult to install on your backyard as spreading a tent. Timber playhouses are the commonest ones, both due to their quality and organic nature. 

You may think of building a standard cabin as well to create additional storage space or perhaps for setting up your home office once your kids cease to use it as their special hideaway. Don’t forget the idea is to be one with nature in stirring far away from home. So choose your furniture cleverly to let nature embrace you from all sides. And, to invite nature within the four walls of your house check this out.

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