The modern Asian flat with a surprisingly epic feature

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If you have a modern apartment and want to create a fresh, industrial-style interior, you'll love this bachelor pad. It's an excellent property to explore if you are looking for ideas on small home furnishings, too. This is because the basic shell of the home is quite straightforward and could be seen in almost any big urban city, so most elements could easily adapted to lots of homes.

What makes it special is the interior design—and the fact that it doubles as a gym and a coffee shop! The creator, Chinese interior designer and decorator, Yuan Mao, has installed a variety of industrial-style additions and some interesting wall features. Best of all, he's finished it with fabulous modern furnishings, lighting design and a luxe home gym and dressing room. So get ready to be inspired with all things home related, and come with us on a photo tour!

Contemporary industrial-style interior

The apartment has a basic monochrome theme that keeps it feeling fresh and adds just enough drama. The limited palette enables the design to combine a wide range of finishes and shapes, without creating a cluttered look. In the living room, the raw concrete dividing wall is of particular interest. Something of this style could easily be recreated with a faux concrete finish. Also, take note of the industrial pipe light fittings on the ceiling. At the end of our tour we'll include a couple of extra views that will give you a better glimpse of small features like this.

Smart entrance hallway storage

The entrance hallway has a great dividing wall/closet with storage space. It's made from glass so it doesn't block in the space or make it feel crowded. Of course, it also allows light to enter the little shoe storage area. Strong vertical lines that reach all the way to the ceiling really increase our sense of spaciousness in a home. Here, we can see how that effect has been created with the bold black glass frames.

Industrial style living room

We really love the blue grey feature wall in the living room. It creates focus in this corner of the room and makes for a nice segue between the bold black elements and the red brick wall. It's difficult to be sure, but we suspect that is a faux brick wall. This kind of wall is quite easy to install in a modern apartment. The bricks are sold as thin tiles that can be installed over the original wall. Some manufacturers even sell them in larger sheets. They have all the natural texture and variation of real red bricks.

Dining room

Like many dining rooms, this one is defined by the pendant lights. These pendant lights have a great geometric design that really places this interior design within a modern context. Geometric-style light fittings were once closely associated with Scandinavian design, but they have crept into lots of different styles in recent years.

Home gym

Fitness fanatics (or those who would like to be) will love this home gym. Ceiling-mounted hanging bars, wall-to-wall mirrors and a non-slip floor… . it has it all! Note how one half of the floor space has been kept clear. It could easily be used as a temporary yoga studio too…

Serene white dressing room

The serene white dressing room has us suspecting that this home is more than just a bachelor pad. Whoever it accommodates enjoys some extra storage space. This may be a home that doubles as a coffee shop, but it certainly doesn't skimp on the luxuries.

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