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ZETAE Studio Modern living room
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Today’s feature property is inspiring, spirited and delightful adorned with all the latest modern fittings and fixtures. Designed by Zetae Studio, this Tuscan residence is not what you might picture when you think of the Italian countryside. It is chic, sleek and fabulously contemporary, all in a luxurious and somewhat opulent package.

The exact opposite of a rustic villa, this minimalist abode features hardwood flooring, high-tech appliances, unified lighting systems and bright artwork for contrast. Characterful yet unassuming, the uncomplicated style of this property ensures a sense of elegance and refinement, without tedium or boredom. Would you like to take a peek inside? Let’s check it out below…

The impressive entrance

As we enter the apartment we’re immediately struck by the gorgeous atmosphere that is presented upon walking through the double doors. Bright red door handles indicate this might be a home that is individual and unique, while the view ahead into the kitchen is nothing short of spectacular!

The chic kitchen

Moving forward into the kitchen we’re able to see the design in more detail. Truly minimal and chic, the kitchen planners have worked tirelessly to create a space that functions as a social gathering point as well as a versatile cooking area.

The colour scheme is a bright white, denoting cleanliness and a crisp sense of elegance. Refined and thoughtful, this room offers a brilliant focal point for individuals visiting the apartment, with a vista of strong architectural lines, geometry and contrasting textures.

Everything in its right place

Standing within the kitchen we look out to the corridor an hallway. Here two bold stainless steel cupboards provide storage for the kitchen’s cold items. Although these may look large and impressive, they actually manage to feel rather subtle within the space, and certainly don’t impede the minimalist aesthetic.

Timber is also employed to soften the harder elements and textures in the room. A single plank of light wood offers a comfy breakfast bar, juxtaposed elegantly atop the sleek white island.

An eclectic living space

Within the living room we get a different picture of this residence. Although the kitchen was extremely well curated and sleek, the living area is slightly more casual. Focusing on the dining room, we see the interplay between dark black hues and the crisp white walls, while a range of timber furniture is also included to soften any hard edges and improve the natural aesthetic.

Comfy seating and a happy home theatre

Turning around we see the comfy living space that features a range of gorgeously sumptuous sofas. These are all positioned to create a unified and inclusive open plan room, which integrates well with the dining room too.

Additionally, a television sits at the end of the room, ensuring this is an entertainment destination, as well as somewhere to rest and relax.

The avant-garden bedroom

The bedroom is certainly eye-catching, and although minimal, offers a sense of uniqueness thanks to its choice of furniture and décor. The lighting is recessed to create mood, while the wall art offers a passionate sense of verve and vivacity!

A bright bathroom

The bathroom is bright, bold and brilliant! Characterful and engaging, the tiles that have been used ensure this is no ordinary wash space. The design is eclectic and unique, focusing on representing a sense of personality, while the timber tones are uniting materials brought into the room and throughout the house.

A relaxing terrace

Lastly, we check out the terrace. This rather expansive space is ideal for those who like a little peace and quiet outside the confines of their four walls. Large sliding glass doors can be opened up to create an indoor-outdoor entertaining space, as well as fill the interior with plenty of natural light.

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