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Appartamento privato pieno di luce, Studio D73 Studio D73 Modern living room
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Pack your bags, homify readers, because we’re travelling to Lombardy in northern Italy to check out a luxurious neutral apartment in Brescia. Designed by the architects at D73 Studio, this property is modern, elegant and sure to impress. Boasting sophisticated interior stylings and an incredible attention to detail, this charming residence ensures its occupants are comfy, cosy and well looked after.

Despite this home’s design intricacy, the interior still remains welcoming and warm, with a casual ambience that is inviting and hospitable. Whether you’re thinking of updating your own home, or would simply like to take a peek inside someone else’s dwelling, we’re sure you’ll find something inspirational.

Let’s check it out…

Modern, stylish and dynamic interiors

Dynamic and bright, this interior is immediately eye-catching thanks to its sleek appearance and considered modern design. Trendy and perfect for many different tastes, the designers have employed a crisp yet muted scheme of neutral hues that offer a monochromatic aesthetic.

Laid out in a logical fashion, the home meanders around the external wall, with a long and linear format.

A welcoming yet chic kitchen

The kitchen is undeniably one of the most attention-grabbing features for the abode. Large and modern, the cooking area contains a huge amount of countertop space. Additionally, a central exhaust hood offers a high gloss white feature with a handy practical application.

There are also plenty of helpful accessories that have been built into the kitchen area. A breakfast bar offers a cohesive and inviting place to eat, while the wine storage to the left looks seamless and efficient.

Old meets new

Combining both traditional elements with newer features this home is able to traverse time, while providing a comfy and enjoyable living environment.

In this living space we see that the home utilises modern furniture that takes its cues from heritage style. A retro freestanding lamp is modest yet eye-catching, while the impressive modular sofa is extensive and blends in gorgeously with the interior’s neutral hues.

A simple dining space

Simple and effective, the dining space sits between two large windows, and offers seating for at least four individuals. The suspended single bulb adds an element of warmth to the area, in addition to a wall-mounted lamp that provides additional illumination.

Monochromatic sleeping quarters

Inside the bedroom a powerful use of monochromatic hues brings a dynamic yet elegant ambience. The furniture is a standout feature, with white bed linen and contrasting grey walls and sleeping platform.

Indented wall shelving provides essential storage for curios and ornamentation, while the sheer white curtains keeps the natural sunlight in, with enough privacy for its occupants.

A functional, minimalist bathroom

The bathroom is simple and functional. Much like the rest of the home, the style is neutral and timeless, boasting a graceful array of inclusions that ensure it remains age-defiant and lavish.

The hardware and fixtures are rather uncomplicated, with built-in fittings that keep the space discreet and unfussy.

Luxury and relaxation in stylish surrounds

Stepping back slightly we’re able to see that this bathroom is actually far larger than originally thought. Adding to the luxury of the abode we simply can’t look past the large whirlpool bathtub that imparts elegance and opulence to the family bathroom.

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