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Do want your home to look bright, inviting and exciting? If you do, then we have an inspirational apartment that you’re going to love! Replete with timber tones and elements, colourful accessories as well as plenty of charm, this playful home is easy-going and fun. However, although this house is playful, its design certainly isn’t immature. Carefully considered and constructed the interior is thoughtful and impressive. Thanks to the astute work of experts at Estudio Globe, this property is interesting and subtle yet eye-catching.

Timeless and almost retro in its appearance, the apartment will appeal to anyone who enjoys age-defiant style, paired alongside Nordic-esque simplicity and versatility.

Ready to be inspired? Let’s take a peek inside…

Bright, playful and full of cheer!

First things first we check out the dining space. Essentially designed for comfort, each element has been wonderfully considered to maximise a bright environment that evokes a retro aesthetic.

Wishbone chairs sit around a simple table, with two suspended lights that offer a warm ambience for the evening after the sun sets. We also see the front door, which is totally invisible, minimal and clutter free.

Warm tones and ample storage

Shades of honey abound, boosting the warmth of the interior, while exuding crisp elegance. As we also see, the designers have included ample built-in shelving that offer storage and areas for ornamentation and personalisation.

Utilising two main shades within this home has allowed the dwelling to feel harmonious and unified. Cohesive and accessible, the interior is definitely blessed with a playful yet mature ambience and atmosphere.

Considered interior design

Reflecting the owners’ personalities, the interior design is well curated and full of character. A large green houseplant sits against the crisp white wall imparting contrast, while the gorgeous timber recliner is an enduring and luxurious accessories.

The perfect combination of eclectic items, this room definitely enhances the overall atmosphere within the apartment, elegantly redefining simplicity and chic serenity.

Bespoke cabinetry

One of the finest elements within this home is the use of customised cabinetry. Each shelf, cupboard and corner has been formed to fit in with the space, making the most of each nook and enhancing it in a usable fashion.

In this image we see the junction between rooms. Here the wall is replete with storage shelves and invisible cupboards that ensure the apartment feels larger and more spacious that actually is.

A minimal white kitchen

Minimal, simple and aesthetically pleasing the dominant use of white throughout this room is an elegant, tranquil choice for the abode. The strong lines of the breakfast table punctuated the monochromatic colour scheme, effortlessly drawing attention away from the fitting free joinery and reflecting the open shelving at the window’s edge.

The simple bathroom

Clean, crisp and relaxing, the all-white theme is carried through from the kitchen into this bathroom, where an entry-level shower offers a practical and easy to use wash space.

The fitting free joinery is also continued, providing plenty of bathroom storage, which helps keep the ambience clutter free and refined.

An eye-catching workspace

Lastly, we check out the neat home office, which is tucked away against a wall, yet bright enough to feel inviting and welcoming. Enriched with personality and individualism, the collection of elements adds character to the simple yet functional domestic spaces.

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Did you like the playful use of colour and tone in this apartment? 

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