15 desks that will put the style back into your home office

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If you need to create a home office, there are a number of things to take into consideration, such as effective storage and an ergonomic chair. But chief amongst your concerns should be installing the perfect desk. You want to choose something that can effectively handle your workload and offers ergonomic comfort, but let's not forget the issue of aesthetics! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that a beautiful desk will make you want to sit down to a productive day of work—and we happen to agree, which is why we've found 15 amazing designs to show you today. If you want to get the balance of productivity and style right in your office, take a look at these fabulous examples and see which might be perfect for your preferred aesthetic!

1. Simple and white.

Simple is so often better, so this charming and understated desk is great for maintaining an uncluttered and productive work space.

2. Dark wood luxury.

WN Interiors Design Studio homify Modern office buildings

WN Interiors Design Studio


When you really want to feel as though you mean business, a serious desk is the way to go. Dark wood has such an authority about it!

3. Industrial style.

Metal frames and a wooden top keeps a desk fit for purpose and wonderfully industrial. If you're a keen DIY enthusiast, you could even make one in this style yourself.

4. Built-in beauty.

Now THIS is a home office! When your desk almost needs to come second to storage, a built-in design is ideal, as it lets you keep everything you need close-by and in the exact same style.

5. Endless space.

Long, simple desks are perfect for those of you who know that you work messily! Nobody else will be able to make sense of your filing 'system', but as long as you have enough space, you'll be fine!

6. Multi-user!

Let's not forget that some home offices need to cater to the needs of more than one home-worker at a time! This design is great, as there is a dedicated computer spot and a more simple section, all rolled into one.

7. A splash of colour.

Nobody ever said that a desk has to be a boring piece of furniture, just because it's a professional one! We love the idea of a bright and sunny work space; it's got to make the day go quicker, surely?

8. Masculine and striking.

The combination of natural and black wood here is absolutely amazing! With the other black finishes in the room, there is a real CEO feel to the space.

9. L-shaped for maximum efficiency.

The idea of living and working with a partner is the dream for many people and an L-shaped desk set-up, like this one, really can make it happen! The different colour chairs are a good way to mark out each person's space too.

10. Minimal but beautiful.

You know how much we like dramatic simplicity here at homify, so this desk  is really tempting us. It looks comfortable and sweet and the matching shelving is a great addition.

11. Specifically designed for a computer.

When the computer is your main work tool, you need a desk that can support it properly. This one has the benefit of hidden wiring and we are willing to be that there are phone charging ports in the drawers too!

12. Gorgeous in grey.

If white is too stark and black feels too gothic, grey is the perfect compromise for your new office desk. Let's not forget that it's also the colour of the year!

13. Ingenious placement.

Shawfield Street Ardesia Design Classic style study/office
Ardesia Design

Shawfield Street

Ardesia Design

If you need a work station in your home, but can't free up a whole room for the privilege, try using dead space! This under-stairs desk fits like a dream and repurposes a wasted area!

14. Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian styling is so hot right now, and this natural wood and gloss white desk shows why! Neat, fresh and with a little rustic touch, this is such a cosy and comfortable-looking work station.

15. With nothing hidden.

When you need all of your work tools out on show, a simple desk with shelves, instead of drawers, is the way to go! A slab of chunky wooden worktop would make for a perfect work surface too, so this could be a DIY project!

For more office inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 9 easy ways to keep your home office organised.

Which of these desk designs really appeals to you?

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