5 amazing bar counters your guests won't want to leave

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If you have a big enough kitchen and want to add some real class and style, then what better way than installing a bar counter where family and guests can eat breakfast, drink coffee or sup a cocktail? There are numerous sizes and style of counter out there, with something to suit every home. Today we'll introduce 5 gorgeous houses with bar counter kitchens, perfect for enjoying those leisurely evenings of conversation and drinks… Let's explore them now!

1. A bar counter combined with kitchen island

There's definitely a touch of old English countryside and oak in this Japanese design. The maple-look flooring really goes well with the kitchen island design in nut brown, with wooden high stools to complement. The large surface area enables meals to be served (not just drinks) by a well-equipped chef. 

Reborn Cube Co. Ltd were the brains behind this particular kitchen, which comes with all mod cons in a traditional country style.

2. Semi-outdoor bar counter

This very modern looking house was constructed by top Brazilian architect ISABELA CANAAN ARQUITETOS E ASSOCIADOS. There is a semi-outdoor bar counter between the garden and the kitchen finished with exquisite grey tiling and wooden countertop. Large areas of glass give an almost boutique feel to the area. This is undoubtedly a special space to entertain guests and impress! If you're keen to install your own bar at home, a kitchen planner can help.

3. Bring that bar feeling to your home

Our next house, courtesy of NOBUYOSHI HAYASHI, boasts a charming kitchen with a thick, large countertop and vintage bar stools. The grill and worktop are one step lower than the counter, meaning the cooking appliances cannot be seen from the dining or living rooms, enabling the chef to keep their secrets! This definitely gives it more of a bar feel, rather than a kitchen. And everything looks very contemporary, from the large windows, to the slate coloured counter and wooded flooring.

4. A refreshing kitchen that is more like a cafe

Next up is a refreshing home in white, with darker wooden flooring. The kitchen has beautiful wood-grain counters, creating an atmosphere much like a sunny cafe bar. The open work space offers less of a divide between host and friends or family. One could easily imagine the kids leaning over the counter to snatch the sugar for their cereal!

5. Industrial chic counter

TENHACHI is behind the renovation of this 67m² apartment. The kitchen island feature counter is where you can enjoy talking and drinking in a casual atmosphere. Everything is set much lower and there is no need for any awkward bar stools. It has more of a dining experience feel than the breakfast bar counter design, and is ideal for those who like to cook and socialise at the same time.

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