A Perfect Hideout in the Lap of Nature

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ALEXANDER ZHIDKOV ARCHITECT Scandinavian style living room
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Planning to build a second home? Want to spend your weekends in a peaceful environment, away from the dust and cacophony of your urban existence? With the rapid improvement of modern facilities, it is now actually possible to set up your primary abode far away from the city’s limits, in the serenity of nature, especially if you mainly work from home. 

In your quest to build an ideal getaway do not rush to get the project started right yet, not until you have gone through the details of this beautiful eco-friendly house in suburban Polivanova. Architect Aleksandr Zhydkov is known for his stunning environmentally friendly and sustainable designs and this one too proves to be another one of his odes to nature.

House from the outside

The building, which is spread over two floors of unequal sizes covers a total surface area of 500sqm, with the greatest amount of space allocated to the ground floor; the property also has a separate basement area and garage. The stern geometric shape with sharp angles and large dividing walls is cleverly softened by an all in timber render. You could say that the use of materials and homage towards the nature, makes this house almost Scandinavian in design on the exterior, and as you will shortly see inside.

Double height living room

The double height living room with frontal glazing is the focal point of the building. Throughout the day, the floor to ceiling windows filter in an abundance of natural light and provides the residents with fantastic views outside towards the nature, which can be appreciated from the comfort of the living room. In a setting like this, where the house is enclosed by its sprawling lawn and dense woods, privacy may not be too big a concern, which is optimal for the owners as it allows them to relax without any disturbances.

In the living room its all about monochromatic sofas, rugs in simple motifs and splashes of colour. As you can see, the faux brick surface introduces an element of surprise against the stark wooden wall.

A comfortable chic bedroom

In tune with the design, the bedroom itself has been kept minimal and elegant. Again, the floor to ceiling windows invite soothing daylight into the room. As the evening sets in, the starry sky takes over where the owners can rest with a view of stars. The dark wood accented wall is skilfully complimented against the white ceiling and a rug in nude tone.

Open plan kitchen with breakfast bar

Each corner of this house is blessed with generous amounts of natural light and the kitchen cum dining area is no exception. The purity of white is juxtaposed with dark and light wooden shades in varied textures. Modular kitchen cabinets provide sufficient storage space in an orderly fashion. Transparent bar stools help to prevent any distracting design eyesores and fantastically compliment the interiors elegant yet contemporary look.

Elegant dining area

The dining set is kept suitably simple and thematically in sync with the rest of the house. The brick structured accent wall has been replicated here to act as a feature wall in a minimal setting. Three large concave hanging lights are perfectly positioned over the large two metre wooden table and effectively highlight the dining space and provide a focal feature. These design elements not only complement the overall tone of the dining area, but also enhance the magnetism of the space in a very clever yet unpretentious way.

Spacious bathroom

The bathroom is a great example of how the residents opted for an interior that rejects any suggestions of opulence, yet at the same time oozes style and modernism. Two shades dominate the space – unsullied white and earthy teak brown, which are merged together from the glossy tile flooring, concrete walls and timber renders. A large mirror somewhat offsets the oblong shape of the bathroom, giving it extra dimension.

This is a home that redefines the beauty of simplicity where at all opportunity nature has been invited to penetrate into all areas. It is a home where one can reconnect themselves and with their surroundings to wash away the 'dust of everyday life' to become rejuvenated. It is a space that you need to take a cue from to build a hideaway in the lap of nature and share with your loved ones.

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